PlanetSide 2 is shutting down in China

PlanetSide 2's global reach has shortened yet again, as the title will be ceasing operations in China as of May 31st. The MMOFPS...

Daybreak is shutting down the EQ Worlds mobile app

Daybreak is shutting down its EverQuest franchise mobile app at the end of March. "We will be closing the EverQuest Worlds mobile app...
Yes, yes it is.

Daybreak has canceled EverQuest Next, Landmark is launching ‘this spring’

Daybreak has officially canceled EverQuest Next. President Russell Shanks just broke the news on the official site this afternoon: To Our Daybreak...

Scarlet Blade will sunset next month

We're genuinely sorry to report that Aeria Games has announced an impending closure for the notoriously suggestive MMORPG Scarlet Blade. Aeria broke the sad...
So long, farewell, again.

Return of Warrior, 9 Dragons, and Ragnarok Online China all shut down shortly

Every game is someone's favorite game. They might slip your mind from time to time, but there's someone out there for whom 9...

Triad Wars will sunset on January 20th, 2016

Here's a bit of unfortunate news for Christmas: Triad Wars is closing down. “Since the start of the Triad Wars Closed Beta this year, diligent Enforcers...
I suppose the alternative of saying that this was a poor decision wouldn't have worked.

Asta’s producers have hopes that the game will find its audience in the west

The situation with Asta is an unusual one - it's an import, but it certainly failed to find its audience within its native...

RaiderZ is shutting down in August

Perfect World is shutting down RaiderZ, effective August 7th at 1:00 p.m. EDT. The firm says that payments back-dated to May 7th...

Infinite Crisis fan organizes last hurrah

When faced with the end of a game that you love, how do you use those final days? While some might grieve over

Infinite Crisis is shutting down on August 14th

DC-themed superhero MOBA Infinite Crisis is shutting down on August 14th, according to an announcement posted on the front page of
Panic mode activated.

Russian version of Lord of the Rings Online closes June 1st

If you were hoping that the Russian version of Lord of the Rings Online would last forever, we have some sad news for...
Now we've come to the end of the road; still I can't let you go.

Need for Speed World is shutting down on July 14th

Need for Speed World has entered its final lap. After five years of operation, the game is shutting down on July 14th,...
Let me try that thing on.

Final Fantasy XI halts updates this year with one last storyline

How long should a game last? Final Fantasy XI has had an impressive run, but its glory days are indisputably past. That's why...
Top gear indeed.

Allods Online is shutting down in China

So long, Allods Online; you will be remembered. The Russian-made fantasy MMO is shutting down... in China. The English servers are still...
We hardly knew ye. Seriously. Never heard of you before now. No lying.

Online shooter Dizzel is shutting down in April

Fans of Dizzel are going to be sad to hear that the game is shutting down in April, but it might be...