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Betawatch: Devilian steps up its PvP game for its fourth closed beta test (November 20, 2015)

How strong is Devilian‘s PvP game? Really, it’s hard to say, but it’s being stepped up for the game’s fourth closed test. That closed test is running now, so you can let us know if the stepping was sufficiently upward. Perhaps it’s more of a lateral PvP game move. Hard to be sure.

Other beta news? Oh, you’d better believe it.

And don’t you know it, there are other games in various stages of testing, so we toss a whole bunch of stuff in a list. Did we miss something? Well, darn it, let us know in the comments and we’ll sacrifice a goat as an act of contrition. Or celebration. We’re big on sacrificing goats, really.

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Supernova sci-fi MOBA is now in closed beta

Looking for another MOBA in your life? Supernova wants to be the one. The title is currently in its second closed beta phase, which is scheduled to last through November 30th. Supernova’s website says that players may “strategically deploy and outfit lane units that advance on enemy territory,” as well as manage upgrades, technologies, and build order for your commander.

One such commander is Itarri, a sniper who features high burst damage and mobility. The devs have released a teaser trailer and a gameplay preview trailer for her that you can view after the break.

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