Get in, losers.

Final Fantasy XIV is experimenting with social media support through November

If you've got an issue with your Final Fantasy XIV account, you have another way of getting support through November 29th. Square-Enix has announced the...
Always the same.

Diablo III is testing item changes and no XP support for its next patch

Look, we realize that you can't really test for abandoning Windows Vista and Windows XP support for Diablo III patch 2.6.1. But that change...
We won't be beating you up any longer.

Final Fantasy XIV discontinues 90-day subscription option for PS3 players on March 18

If you're playing Final Fantasy XIV on a PlayStation 3, your days are numbered. Support for the platform is being discontinued with the launch...
Time to update.

Star Trek Online drops support for Windows XP and older graphics cards in 2017

Fans of Star Trek Online, it is time to update your computers! At least, it's time if you've been putting it off for a...

EVE Online covers the upcoming Command Burst mechanics

There's more to winning fights in EVE Online than just showing up with the biggest guns. Well-deployed guns make a big difference, as does...
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Livelock reveals its final character, Catalyst

Livelock has revealed its final character out of its lineup of robots, and she's not going into battle alone. Not just in the sense...

The Daily Grind: Which MMORPG offers the best healing experience?

In light of the epic reveal of Revival's graphic healing system this week, I thought Massively OP reader Fenryr Grey's recent question to our...
Unbreaking what we screwed up forever.

Tribes: Ascend creative director: ‘We made a lot of mistakes in a lot of different places’

The history of Tribes: Ascend is a strange one. Like the first few titles out of Hi-Rez Studios, it launched to decent reception, had...

The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite MMO support class?

Seeing Camelot Unchained roll out its vision for its trio of support classes brought a smile to my face the other day. See, I...

Camelot Unchained unveils its support classes [Updated]

Camelot Unchained's latest class reveal should please fans of bards and support. The three archetypes are the Skald, the Minstrel, and the Dark Fool....

SWTOR ditches customer support forum, hands it off to EA’s Answer HQ

If you have a problem with Star Wars: The Old Republic, don't head to the customer support forum after October 5th. BioWare announced yesterday that...

CCP taps Zendesk for EVE customer support

CCP's latest dev blog address changes to EVE Online's customer support. More specifically, New Eden has a new customer support help center courtesy of...

PlanetSide 2 discontinues support for 32-bit client

The shift to widespread use of 64-bit operating hardware and systems is a good thing in many ways; for one thing, it means that...
The centaur iPad is really overpowered.

The healing Revenant was demoed in the Guild Wars 2 stream

Just because you're a blindfolded warrior empowered by the Mists in Guild Wars 2 doesn't mean you can't support your allies. That's the big...
Does this happen in the game? I seriously don't know.

The Daily Grind: Have bugs ever killed your enthusiasm for an MMO?

With a sale on Steam and a bit of curiosity, I decided that I would pick up and play some Fallout 3 over the...
Could be better, could be a whole lot worse.

Skyforge unveils its 13 launch day classes

A given character in Skyforge can explore all of the game's classes, and advancing in one class helps bolster progress in other classes as...