It's probably Ascians, isn't it? It's more Ascians.

Final Fantasy XIV puts out a survey about the digital fan festival experience

This year's Final Fantasy XIV Digital Fan Festival was a new thing for the game to try. It was filled with a lot of stuff,...

Lord of the Rings Online informal player survey highlights the least and most popular classes

If you've ever wondered which class is the most popular in Lord of the Rings Online, Squirle over at LOTRO Players has your back....

Massively Overthinking: Retaking Quantic’s survey to determine our ‘gamer type’

Five years ago - yes, it's been that long! - we did an Overthinking in which our staff all took Quantic's survey to see...

For Science: Researchers investigate why some players invert their directional controls

When you have an analog stick to control the camera, does pushing the stick forward tilt the camera up or down? The Guardian published...

WVU researchers post survey seeking input on video game character avatars

I suspect that most MMO players, especially the sort who hang out on forums and blogs and care deeply about the games they play,...

Three quarters of European gamers don’t even understand what the heck lootboxes are

A new report on GIbiz suggests that most gamers are pretty darn clueless about lootboxes, which probably won't surprise anyone reading here. Researchers for the...
This didn't work out all right.

The Repopulation wants you to talk about how you like to play

How do you like to play video games? Specifically, how do you like to play The Repopulation? No, you don't have to tell us,...

Young adults are the prime market for virtual reality

It's a well-known maxim in gaming circles that younger players have more time but lack disposable income while older players have the money but...
You want some of this? We've got a lot of it.

Conan Exiles wants to know what you want, what you really really want

What do you think about Conan Exiles so far? Because your opinion matters to the development team. Not in a vague, abstract sense, but...
Oh, yeah, all is well, totally.

For Science: A third of our polled social media users quit Pokemon Go over trackers

Pokemon Go has received some large updates recently: the buddy system, medals, some big gym changes (twice), and now we've got dailies. We've been dazzled...
Ride like the wind.

Albion Online promises better PvE content in response to backer survey

The final beta for Albion Online rolls on, and it's going to keep on rolling well into next year. But what is the state...

Nostalrius team releases vanilla World of Warcraft survey summary

The Nostalrius team's journey to Blizzard and back may be complete, but the details are still coming forth from the large player survey that...

Star Wars: The Old Republic asks players about subscriber rewards

Are you subscribed to Star Wars: The Old Republic? Do you want rewards for continuing to subscribe to the game? Because the good news...
Do you like me Y/N

Offer your feedback on Skyforge in a new survey

As Skyforge ramps up for its next closed beta test, the developers are eager to know what can be done to make the game...
Pantheon dock

Pantheon devs want your feedback

The Pantheon dev team has turned the tables on its fanbase in a new community Q&A. Developers -- including Chief Creative Officer Brad McQuaid,...