sword and bored

Sword and Bored is an original MMORPG comic by artist Larry Everett and writer Jef Reahard. It stars Mo, the Massively Overpowered mascot, and its 2015 run was made possible by those who contributed to our Kickstarter campaign and hit our chief stretch goal. As the comic’s silent protagonist, Mo explores the oftentimes ridiculous tropes and memes of MMORPGs genre that those of us who play them too often take for granted. The archive below will allow you to peruse all the strips, or you can click over to the very first comic and navigate in-post through each edition. [Follow this comic’s RSS feed]

Sword and Bored: Nerfs

Mo falls asleep and awakens to some unexpected patch changes. Farming goblins will never be the same.

Sword and Bored: Troll bridge

Mo's favorite antagonists, the underwear ninjas, demonstrate how to properly guard the exit from the PvP zone.

Sword and Bored: Teleport

Mo's companion demonstrates the proper way to deal with AFK grinders in their MMO.

Sword and Bored: Area of effect

Mo discovers the value of MMO friends in the pursuit of sweet, sweet revenge.

Sword and Bored: Ranged Class

Mo learns that ranged classes make the best kill-stealers.

Sword and Bored: Trade

Mo learns that objects in this brave new world are all too often... bind-on-pickup.

Sword and Bored: Ninja Loot

Mo downs his first miniboss, only to see one of his "friends" abscond with the loot.

Sword and Bored: Boss fight

Mo takes on an unimpressed crab miniboss with his newfound companions in his very first PUG.

Sword and Bored: Looking for group

While out hunting his foe, the skeptical crab, Mo meets new friends!

Sword and Bored: Hide helmet

Mo decides to check out the "hide helmet" option all the kids are talking about lately.

Sword and Bored: Behind the scenes

Mo is offscreen for a week, but we get a chance to see just what the NPCs are up to behind the scenes.

Sword and Bored: Loot table

Mo becomes discouraged when he finds his recent loot acquisition unsuitable for his class.

Sword and Bored: Encumbrance

Mo discovers that cognitive dissonance is required to make sense of MMO encumbrance systems.

Sword and Bored: 10 rats

Mo undertakes his first kill-ten-rats quest and boggles at the array of loot those tiny rats possess.

Sword and Bored: Poof! Poof! Poof! Poof!

Realizing that open PvP servers are wretched hives of scum and villainy, Mo decides to reroll.

Sword and Bored: Newbie zone

Mo loads into the game, unwittingly joining his first open PvP server and meeting new "friends."

Sword and Bored: Health buff

Mo gets a bright idea when he realizes that MMORPG food inexplicably restores health -- and lots of it.

Sword and Bored: Class selection

Our fearless protagonist, Mo Powers, loads into the class selection screen. Might he roll an Entertainer?