Mad World shows off just how crazy cross-platform it can be

One of our "MMOs you've never heard of" (before we mentioned it, of course), Mad World is attempting to reach for your attention by being...

Marching Legions launches on mobile in seven countries

Hands up if you happen to reside in Singapore. India? Lots of people in India, or so we heard. How about Germany or Australia?...

‘Massively multiplayer’ mobile Avatar game in development

Despite coming out in 2009 and making more money than Scrooge McDuck, Avatar seems to have since slipped from the attention and interest of...
Could mean anything.

Marvel Heroes treks to Asia, new platforms this summer

Gazillion announced this morning that it's partnering with cloud-streaming service Ubitus to launch Marvel Heroes in South Korea and Japan this summer with China...

Villagers & Heroes is coming to Android tablets

Villagers & Heroes is one of those underappreciated MMO gems that's been flying under the radar for a while. It might look an awful...

PigBang is a mobile action MOBA with an unfortunate name

Is PigBang a good name for a game? If it's an action MOBA that's chock-full of swine, then perhaps it's applicable, but probably not ideal....

MU: Origin starts mobile beta testing on January 25

MU: Origin, the mobile spin-off of Webzen's MU Online, will start closed beta testing on Android devices later this month. Players can sign up on the...

Dofus announces tablet version coming ‘very soon’

A mobile version of Ankama's MMO called Dofus Touch is about ready to start closed beta testing in France. Dofus Touch is a specially designed version...

Iron Realms creates user-friendly MUD client

It's easy for the modern MMO gamer to be put off by multi-user dungeons (MUDs), what with their lack of graphical frills and their...

Dragon Nest II: Legend announced for mobile

Don't let the Roman numeral two fool you into thinking that this is a sequel. Dragon Nest II: Legend is actually a prequel to...

French MMO DOFUS heads to tablets and the big screen

You might think a game launched in 2004 not named World of Warcraft might be curbing its ambition here in 2015, but if you're...
Let me show my pokey... oh, you know the gag.

PAX East 2015: Hands-on with Undead Labs’ Moonrise

I wasn't sure exactly what to expect when I first laid hands on Moonrise at this year's PAX East so I suppose that "fast-paced party-based Pokémon" should...

Revival is launching player housing this month

After October, February seems perfect to tap into the dark, terrible nightmares of gaming. Why? Because you just know some elder god ate those...