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Working As Intended: The MMOs we lost in 2017

It's true that we lost a lot of MMOs in 2016 -- bigger and more important ones than in 2014 and 2015. 2017, however, has...

Massively Overthinking: Is open-world housing really a ‘failed’ MMORPG experiment?

Massively OP's Justin Olivetti has a provocative article on his personal gaming blog, Bio Break, this week on MMORPG housing. "I once again wonder why...
No, this one... this one's certain.

Perfect Ten: The 10 tiers of MMORPG lore

In which we discuss varying levels of MMO lore effort and Eliot admits he doesn't remember the names of Pac-Man's ghosties.

The Stream Team: Taking another look at the revamped Otherland

It's been a long while since Massively OP's MJ took a stream peek at Otherland. In fact, it's been only a month shy of...
No one weekend should have all that power.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 132: Filth TV

Justin and MJ discuss Secret World, LOTRO, Warframe, Path of Exile, Otherland, WoW, Ultima Online, ARK, Just Survive, EverQuest II, and West of Loathing.

Otherland is revived on Steam as Drago takes over publishing duties

Over this summer, we've been getting tips suggesting that the Tad Williams Otherland MMORPG was in serious trouble, as first it went dark on...

Global Chat: Is casual raiding in MMORPGs an oxymoron?

Do you scoff, chortle, or sneer when you hear the phrase "casual raiding" among the MMO community? You might be laughing at your own ignorance...
Actually developing a title to not be a boring slog is a skill some developers have yet to master.

Perfect Ten: The worst-squandered IPs in online gaming

There are always going to be differences in opinion about what should be done with an IP based upon a franchise. That's just natural....

Massively OP Podcast Episode 82: Boldly go

Justin and Bree discuss WoW Legion, GW2, RIFT, STO console, Otherland, EVE F2P, Camelot Unchained, Dual Universe, and Hero's Song, with mailbag questions on what games MMO devs play and Stranger Things vs. The Secret World.

Otherland moves out of early access and into commercial release

It's a grand day for the genre-hopping Otherland. The MMO has officially moved out of early access and released as a free-to-play title after a...

Otherland hits open beta today, launches free-to-play on September 8

The Tad Williams-inspired sci-fi MMO Otherland shuts down today for a week of open beta. When it returns for its planned September 8th launch, it...
Oh, well, that's exactly like the actual book, you got it cold.

Otherland’s latest patch buffs its player-driven economy

Otherland's 5.5.50 patch this week is a big one for the crafters in its playerbase. "The crafting system has been fully revamped in this...

Otherland patch raises level cap to 60 and introduces factions

When Otherland returned to Steam earlier this week, Drago promised that it would soon be accompanied by two sizable updates. Players didn't have to...

Otherland returns to Steam after two-month absence

When you're in early access, it probably doesn't help your cause to disappear from the world's most popular digital games store for months at a...

Otherland should return to Steam soon

On its webpage, Otherland boldly and repeatedly advertises that it is available on Steam. Well, no it's not -- and it hasn't been so for some...

Global Chat: What is Daybreak thinking with H1Z1?

Daybreak's announcement earlier this month that it will be splitting H1Z1 into two games triggered a flood of responses from the MMO blogging community,...
What is the world.

Otherland is temporarily borked on Steam

If you're trying to play Otherland through Steam today, you might be noticing the store page is offline. Drago Entertainment dev Lucjan told concerned fans...

The Daily Grind: Could a time travel MMO work?

A week or so ago, we reported on the release of an eastern title called Dark Era that was largely unremarkable save for the...

Otherland opens the doors to Water Isle, goes on sale

Hey everyone -- Otherland would like a minute of your time. It's raising its hand for you to call on it because it has...

Perfect Ten: The biggest MMORPG news stories of 2015

For as long as Massively Overpowered exists, this will be one of the most memorable years in our site's history. It was the year...