Armored Warfare details upcoming improvements as part of its New Horizons project

Last month, Obsidian Entertainment and My.com announced the New Horizons project for their free-to-play tank combat game Armored Warfare, which aims to "significantly improve...

And tanks: World of Tanks revives World Cup soccer mode, War Thunder rolls out Project X

Ahhhh World Cup madness is upon the sportsball world right now, and if you happen to be into both soccer/football and tanks, well then...

EVE Evolved: Free-to-play PvP cruiser fitting guide

EVE Online's new free-to-play account option will be going live as part of an upcoming expansion this November, allowing new players to delve into the game and its...
SUVs are right out.

Revelation Online introduces the Vanguard

If your preferred method of transportation is the noble van rather than the selfish SUV or the sneaky car, Revelation Online's new Vanguard will...
Sort of?

The Daily Grind: What’s the best tank class in an MMORPG?

I've teased the late Warhammer Online plenty over the years for its disaster-dungeons, but it had something I've never seen topped in an MMORPG,...
Get better at this.

The Daily Grind: What advice would you give tanks in your MMO?

I've danced through many roles in MMOs, but the one that remains largely explored for me is that of the tank. Oh, the idea...

Armored Warfare is giving everyone a free (digital) tank for Veteran’s Day

It's Veteran's Day, and Armored Warfare has decided to give everyone a free tank to celebrate! The T-62 Veteran Main Battle Tank is a...

Armored Warfare rumbles into open beta

Armored Warfare transitioned into open beta today, inviting any and all to try out this online tank shooter to see if it has the...

Daybreak might bring back 1997 tank shooter Tanarus [Updated: Nope]

One of the oldest online shooters could be facing a resurrection in the near future. On an EverQuest II stream last week, Daybreak mentioned that it was...

EVE Evolved: Fitting Tech 3 Tactical Destroyers as PvP brawlers

The past few months have seen a flood of frequent updates hitting EVE Online, and among them we got a whole new class of...

Flameseeker Chronicles: Trinity dependence in Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns

I don't know about you lot, but I really enjoy ArenaNet's Points of Interest livestream that airs on its official Twitch channel. It contains a massive...
So many colors in the anger rainbow.

TERA’s latest patch invites you to go berserk

Do you want to get angry? Do you already feel pretty angry? Do you feel so angry that you want other people to hit...

Win an Armored Warfare early access key from Massively OP [All gone now!]

Armored Warfare, Obsidian Entertainment and My.com's tank MMO shooter, entered early access yesterday and had already counted a million registrations. Let's add a few more...

World of Tanks takes aim at Xbox One

World of Tanks may prove to be one of the most unstoppable online gaming invasions of the past five years, as the WWII sim...