Wizard101 rolls out multiple teases for a new Wallaru location over the weekend

What is Wallaru? Where is Wallaru? We're not sure, but we do know that it has something to do with Wizard101, as the MMORPG...

Gamigo continues the narrative tease for its in-development ‘uncertain folder’ MMORPG

Last week Gamigo decided that it would be neat to tease a new MMORPG through the use of videos that narrate "a world torn...
Oh look,

World of Warcraft will be revealing the next Shadowlands content update tomorrow

Playing World of Warcraft at the moment has involved a whole lot of staring at the sky and waiting for rain, metaphorically speaking. So it's...

Blade & Soul Korea teases a new archer class arriving in June

As much fun as magical gun-fu can be with the Blade & Soul Gunslinger, sometimes you want to go back to basics. Back to...
This is perhaps more than a tease.

Heroes of the Storm announces the arrival of Mal’ganis

Characters from the Warcraft franchise make up the lion's share of the heroes in Heroes of the Storm, but there are still some notable...

Ankama’s WAVEN brings Wakfu-style combat to mobile and PC

Last week, we looked at Ankama's year-end update video and what the studio has in store for its major titles, Wakfu and Dofus. What...

Rockstar teases Red Dead Redemption 2 characters in series of tweets

We're just over a month away from the release of Rockstar's much-anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2, and the studio is taking to Twitter to...
Weill, that's... more of a pier, really.

Path of Exile teases what’s coming in its November 16 reveal

The next expansion for Path of Exile will be revealed on November 16th. We don't know what it is yet. We don't even know...

The Repopulation posts teeny, tiny image teaser

It's small. It's ambiguous. And it might be pointing to the future of The Repopulation. The new team handling this sci-fi MMO posted a rather...

Crowfall posts another teaser for the reveal of teasers

What could Crowfall's teasers for Teaser Week mean? Are they teasing new classes? New races? New combinations of same? Today's teaser is just a...

Retro-themed Kingdom of Loot goes into early access

Are you a sucker for pixel art and retro JRPGs? Then here's a nice little treat for you: Kingdom of Loot will launch tomorrow in early...

Nexon teases us with a glimpse at Project Meta

Among the small army of titles that Nexon brought to G-Star this week is Project Meta. The studio didn't actually bring the game itself,...

An Aura Kingdom mobile spin-off is in the works

Twin Saga developer X-Legend Entertainment is reportedly working on a mobile spin-off of Aura Kingdom. It doesn't sound as though Aura Kingdom Mobile is an...

Mark Kern polls players about his spiritual successor to Firefall

Will Firefall fans want Mark Kern at the helm of a game again? That's the question of the hour, as Kern has proposed engaging...

PAX East 2016: Let It Die is a crazy, gruesome survival action game

If you haven't noticed, we're currently in the middle of another game development trend, this time centered around making survival action games. Can't go...

The Black Death takes survival games to a grim era

Survival games aren't always the cheeriest of places (after all, you have to have something to survive against), but a new game might make...

Guild Wars 2 teases the Ranger elite specialization

It's not fun to be last. Someone has to be, sure, but if you're a Ranger in Guild Wars 2, not only do you...

Trion’s new mystery game looks like Devilian Online

Trion Worlds decided to engage in a bit of image-based teasing yesterday, leaving players with nothing more than an image an a tagline. Some...
Crower peep.

Hearthstone teases a new mode via Twitter

When you first fire up Hearthstone, the little title screen offers you three options. That hasn't changed and no one has really expected otherwise;...
I could talk about planting ideas in your head, but that seems a bit too easy.

Guild Wars 2 teases a Ventari image

You have probably noticed by now that ArenaNet likes to be a bit cryptic with its Guild Wars 2 teasers. Case in point: a...