VRAM it in there.

Path of Exile promises more aggressive VRAM engine changes to make for a better game experience

Who wants to learn how VRAM works today? See, Path of Exile is making some changes to how it utilizes VRAM in terms of resource...

EVE Evolved: How mass surveillance is improving EVE Online

When developers get on stage at an event and start talking about things like big data, artificial intelligence, and cloud solutions, it often sounds...

Google and Ubisoft are working on a multiplayer open source server

The next time you play an online game, you might have Google to thank for handling the heavy lifting. The tech giant announced that...
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The Daily Grind: Would you like more MMOs to offer browser-based clients?

There was a time when it seemed like the downloadable client was going to be an inevitable casualty of the march of technology. Games...

Dauntless patch 0.2.1 is all about improving stability and chat

Some patches don't add much content, but they still make a game better. Dauntless patch 0.2.1 isn't going to add much in the way...

Improbable teams up with Google to make persistent world development easier

UK studio Improbable announced today that it's partnered with Google to allow video game developers to develop games using Google's Cloud and Improbable's SpatialOS...
Well, this is fine.

Self-driving cars are learning to drive with Grand Theft Auto

So it turns out that people were right when they said that self-driving cars were a terrible idea. We were all in favor of...
Holiday road.

Dual Universe explains its server technology in a new video

There will be only one shard for Dual Universe players when the game finally launches, and it's going to be big. Heck, it's going...
The important thing is that no one learned anything.

IBM is testing a Sword Art Online VR MMO next month

If you've never watched Sword Art Online, here's the quick version: There's a VR-based MMO that became popular but then trapped everyone inside of...
If you were hoping for business model snark, you will be disappointed.

RIFT is testing multicore processing support

Technology is vital to every single MMO that we play and is also almost completely invisible. When a game is running well, you don't...
Sure, it doesn't look like much, but a cake that hasn't been baked looks like a pile of mush, too.

Elite: Dangerous shows off how to create realistic planets

The planets of Elite: Dangerous are procedurally generated, like most of the game. But how does the game pull that trick off? How can...

The Daily Grind: Are MMOs becoming outpaced by tech?

Whenever I talk about Ultima Online to someone who wasn't there when it was a big thing, I admit to feeling as if I...