Overwatch League finals did not draw eyes on ESPN

The Overwatch League finals were broadcast on ESPN, but odds are that if you watched them you did so on Twitch or other streaming services. And the numbers bear that out, too; it turns out that viewership of the finals on ESPN was rather poor. Looking at the Nielsen ratings reveal that Overwatch did quite poorly by the standards of shows around it and other shows in the same time slot.

If you’re dreading or hoping that this means the death of the league itself, however, you should back away from that, since broadcasting this was in and of itself a marketing stunt and intended to push awareness more than draw viewers. Still, it doesn’t seem like a great start for the competitive side of the game in broadcast format, although at least it’s better than watching people playing poker.

Source: Kotaku


Chaos Theory: What we want out of the Secret World Legends TV show

Wow. So I had no intention of crafting another Chaos Theory this week. I had plans. Other plans. But then the Secret World Legends announcement hit the airwaves on Monday and all other thoughts left my head as I sat there, stunned. I just couldn’t think of anything else. Could it be real? Was SWL really going to be made into a television series? Holy guacamole, it is! A pipe dream I have wished for five years is actually announced and in the works.

I’ve been pretty vocal about how much I want more story from SWL. Story is what this game does so right, and I just can’t get enough. I’ll probably never get enough! There are so many characters I want to know more about, so much history in locations that I’d love to delve deeper into, and so many fascinating events that we know only know the aftermath of that I’d love to witness firsthand. The IP is so rich with possibilities. I knew that the game would never, ever be able to sate my appetite for more, so I had wished long and hard that other avenues might present themselves: short stories, graphic novels, movies, and yes, television series. I can’t even describe how excited I am for the development of more story from this world. Is there risk? Yes, I get that. But the possibility of so much greatness is there! I seriously can’t wait. Imagine it, 30 to 50 minute cut scenes!

With so many possibilities, what could/should the TV show focus on? I have my opinions. Here are some specifics I’d love to see developed further for our viewing pleasure.

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Here’s how that H1Z1 TV broadcast deal went down

Were you scratching your head over last week’s announcement that H1Z1 would be bringing its upcoming PvP tournament to the CW network? We were too, which is why this interview with Daybreak makes for fascinating reading. So how did that TV deal happen?

Apparently CW has prided itself on being the first broadcast network to take an interest in e-sports, joining ESPN and TBS in showing live video game matches to interested viewers. H1Z1: King of the Kill Executive Producer Chris Wynn said that the deal happened because of Daybreak’s connections with the pro team Echo Fox and the interesting twist that this winner-takes-all tournament will provide.

“We have a unique opportunity to do something with King of the Kill that no one else can do,” Wynn said, “and that’s putting on a tournament with 15 teams of five players each all competing at the same time. It’s not a ladder-style knockout like in traditional sports. All these guys will get into one game, in one match, and all compete simultaneously. This unique experience is what appealed to the different partners.”

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Final Fantasy XIV inspires a new live-action Japanese show

There are lots of stories in Final Fantasy XIV, and one such story is being adapted for a new live-action series in Japan. But it’s not just an in-game story. Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy of Light (or Final Fantasy XIV: Hikari no Otousan if you prefer to be a bit more accurate) is about the relationship between a father and a son that develops both in and out of the game.

The story is based off of a series of blog posts written by a young man about bonding with his 60-year-old father while playing the game together; the show will include scenes both in the real world and in the game to weave a narrative. So it’s a story about the stories going on behind an MMORPG, the human dramas that unfold from shared experiences. Which is, let’s face it, pretty darn cool. The show premieres this April.

Source: Model Press via Kotaku; thanks to Wakkander for the tip!


An EVE Online television show is in the works

MMOs and television series might not seem like two tastes that go great together, but it makes more than a little sense for EVE Online. Considering the extant lore of the game and the epic control wars that have been waged across the galaxy (and are still being waged right now), there’s every reason to think that people who might not play the game would like to watch the story. If you agree, you’ll be happy to know that Hilmar Veigar Petursson, CEO of CCP Games, recently stated that such a series is indeed in the works.

Petursson is quick to point out that such projects take a very long time to happen, but the company is currently working with Icelandic director Baltasar Kormakur and Scott Free Productions. Only time will tell whether or not the game does indeed make the jump to the small screen, but if you’re one of the people who prefers reading about EVE over playing it, you may soon be able to watch the stories unfold.


Supergirl gets an updated look in DC Universe Online

October 26th is the premiere date for the new Supergirl television series on CBS. That’s good news for fans of Kara Zor-El, definitely, but what about her fans in DC Universe Online? Unlike other games, this renewed focus on the character can’t just be added into the game via an unlockable skin… or can it?

Apparently it totally can. All of Supergirl’s appearances in the core game have been replaced with her new look for a limited time, and members can unlock her new appearance permanently for use in Legend content with 100 Marks of Legend. If you’re particularly fond of Supergirl and were hoping to see her new duds in the game proper, your hope has been answered.


Defiance’s third season includes MMO reward codes

Who would have thought that, three years later, both Defiance the television series and Defiance the MMO would still be chugging along? But here we are, 2015, and Defiance is debuting its third season premiere tonight on Syfy.

The show picks up from season two’s cliffhanger which introduced a new alien warrior race called the Omec. Since the series and the MMO are linked in plot and subject matter, the aliens could be making their way over to the game as well.

Players of the game would do well to check out the episodes, as each one will feature a code that can be redeemed for in-game goodies. Those who collect all 12 will get an additional reward as well.

Source: Trion Worlds press release


Interview: Star Trek Online’s Al Rivera on the looming Iconians

The Iconians are coming to Star Trek Online, and if you’ve been playing the game during the past five years, you know that’s a big deal. A new reputation is being added in Season 10 to support the war against them, and players will have plenty to deal with as the villains behind the scenes for the game’s entire history move into the forefront. That means a whole lot of plots to wrap up and an almost mythical race from the franchise as a whole that Star Trek Online has to deliver on.

We had the opportunity to ask lead designer Al Rivera a few questions about designing the Iconians and the ramifications for bringing the demons of air and darkness into the game in the flesh. It’s a big challenge, after all. If you’ve been curious about how the team is taking fragments and legends and bringing them into the game, read on past the break.

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