Major Chinese investment house known to online gamers in the west for its stake in a number of western games, including League of Legends and World of Warcraft.

And all sold as one, oddly.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 257: Daybreakup

Justin and Bree discuss Daybreak's split up, Tencent's Funcom bid, Torchlight Frontiers becoming a non-MMO, Temtem's early access, Rend's sunset, and DDO's new expansion, plus adventures in Neverwinter, STO, SWG, CoH, and Trove, and a mailbag discussion on changing MMO goals.

The Survivalist: So Funcom’s DUNE will be a survival game, not an MMO

Remember back in February of last year when we learned that Funcom inked an exclusive deal for at least three games based on Frank...
It lurks.

League of Legends Chinese pro esports league suspends events over spreading coronavirus

If you've somehow missed all the news about the growing coronavirus epidemic, we'll forgive you - it's been a wild news week in the...

MMO Business Roundup: Tencent, Ubisoft, Rockstar, energy, Creativerse, and Cold Iron Studios

Welcome back to another roundup of MMO (and MMO-adjacent) industry news! Tencent: Just before Funcom and Tencent announced the Chinese gaming giant was angling to...

Tencent wants to buy out the rest of Funcom as board recommends focusing on DUNE

My inbox this morning had half a dozen tips and press releases on this Funcom story, so you know we're doing it first thing:...

Tencent will host a cloud version of Blade & Soul in China soon

It's possible that the hacking cough that was Google Stadia's launch has turned you off from the notion that cloud gaming is the future,...
Well well well, how the turntable.

Tencent made bank in Q3 2019 thanks to mobile – not PC – games

While companies like Blizzard are seeing severe revenue drops this quarter and other MMO companies are trudging along, Tencent is having a rather up...

Funcom Q3 2019: Amid revenue drop and Tencent stock buy-up, Funcom is working on multiple new games

It was going to be hard for Funcom to top its 2018 financials, given that it rolled out Conan Exiles last year but has...

Improbable and Tencent join forces to bring SpatialOS and a developer program to China

It would appear that Improbable, the company behind SpatialOS, is hedging its bets on China. Improbable announced that it will be working with Tencent...

Riot swears its Legends of Runeterra CCG won’t be pay-to-win

It's easy to assume that Legends of Runeterra, the digital CCG from the League of Legends universe, would be just chock-full of "surprise mechanics"...

Riot Games expresses ’empathy’ for Blizzard after its Hong Kong fiasco

One might wonder why, possessed as it was of a pretty good week of announcements, Riot Games would willingly put Blizzard's One Ring on...

League of Legends tells casters and pro players to avoid ‘sensitive issues’ at the World Champs

So Riot's not having a good week with the whole China thing either. While the League of Legends studio was able to successfully fend off...

Funcom roundup: Secret World Legends’ Samhain, Moons of Madness’ launch, and Tencent

Funcom is up to some stuff this week! For starters, Secret World Legends is patching in Samhain today. One of the better Halloween events...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 241: The MMO industry reshuffles its deck

Justin and Bree are joined by Gamigo's Merv Lee Kwai aka Khrolan for a sponsored interview on ArcheAge Unchained, plus news on Guild Wars 2, Funcom's Tencent investment, Red Dead Online on PC, Raph Koster's new MMORPG, and adventures in WoW and City of Heroes.

Don’t panic, but Tencent just bought 29% of Funcom

Whether you follow Funcom for its old-school MMORPGs like Anarchy Online and Secret World Legends, its survival sandbox Conan Exiles, or its up coming...

Paladins is shutting down in China on November 30

Publisher Tencent has come to an amicable decision with Hi-Rez Studios to shut down Paladins in China. The decision comes roughly three years since...

The MOP Up: Nexon’s Project V4 aims to be the best-looking MMO in your pocket

Nexon gave a preview of Project V4 at a media preview event lately, and this fantasy MMO looks like one of the most shiny...

MMO Business Roundup: Riot’s diversity ‘progress’, NetEase’s esports arena, DayZ down under, and Twitch threats

Welcome back to another roundup of what's going on in the business of making online games! Let's start with the most controversial of the...
Well, this blows.

Leyou states it has plans for both Transformers Online and Civilization Online

Remember Leyou? It's the same company that's working on a new Lord of the Rings title in concert with Amazon, you know. Turns out...

Newly proposed Chinese gaming regulations target romantic plotlines and sexual content

Love conquers all -- except for Chinese gaming regulations, if the recently proposed rules for game content regulation come to pass. The People's Daily,...