Major Chinese investment house known to online gamers in the west for its stake in a number of western games, including League of Legends and World of Warcraft.


Tencent reveals Transformers Online, a team-based Chinese shooter

Do you lie awake at night and think that what would really compete with Overwatch is a team-based shooter based on Transformers? Apparently, the...

There’s a Blade and Soul prequel in the works

Blade and Soul was one of the big western imports this year, but it's about to get some competition of its own making. NCsoft...

ArcheAge secures publisher for Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau

The reach of ArcheAge keeps spreading across the globe, as word has arrived that the Chinese territories of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau have...

Monster Hunter Online’s English translation arrives

After a short delay from its original intended release, Monster Hunter Online has finally brought an English translation of the game to market. English-speaking players...
Hunt that thing.

Monster Hunter Online’s unofficial English patch is due for release on May 30th

The good news for fans of the Monster Hunter franchise is that the Chinese version of Monster Hunter Online is pretty much totally accessible...
This is what we were really missing.

Tencent’s new Chinese console includes League of Legends in its lineup

If you've long wished to play League of Legends on a console, we're happy to tell you that this will soon be a thing...
It goes the same as a thousand before.

ArcheAge enters open beta testing in China

The worldwide availability of ArcheAge takes another step forward as the game's Chinese client enters its open beta test. This comes after several different...

Wear animals while mentoring in Moonlight Blade

What's big in fashion in Moonlight Blade for the new year? It's not animal prints -- it's animals! From accessories to costumes to weapons, the...

Maplestory 2 gets Chinese publisher, shows off Rune Blader class

MapleStory 2 looks to be quite the different beast than MapleStory, most notably with its 3-D cube-dominated visual style. Hey, what can you say?...

Monster Hunter Online’s Chinese OBT will be open to all

You might recall with some sadness that Monster Hunter Online is a Chinese exclusive. And while that still holds true, the good news for...

Lost Ark Online announced for China, gets new website and trailer

Lost Ark is indeed heading to China, a fact announced at Tencent Games Carnival 2015. Besides debuting a new trailer, representatives from Smilegate and...

Martial arts MMO Moonlight Blade is freaking gorgeous

So, Moonlight Blade looks pretty awesome. How do I know? Well, because Steparu has thrown a couple of the game's G-Star videos up on...

Moonlight Blade is using famous fight choreographers

Moonlight Blade, the kung fu MMO developed by Chinese megacorp Tencent, will be published in South Korea by Nexon, according to Steparu. Famed martial...

ArcheAge is launching in China next month

After a couple of delays, it looks as though China will finally be able to join the ArcheAge club in less than two weeks. Tencent...

These are the companies that are trying to build the metaverse

Did you know that Linden Lab is hard at work on a sequel to its Second Life virtual world? Yep, it is, and Recode...

ArcheAge’s China launch moved to August 6

If you think you waited a long while for ArcheAge as a western fan, imagine how the title's Chinese followers must feel. Tencent Games has delayed...

Top 25 companies accounted for 65 percent of 2014’s $83.6 billion games market

Twenty-five companies accounted for 65 percent of the $83.6 billion games market in 2014, according to a report at Newzoo. Leading the pack was...

Lineage is opening its first subscription server in China

The name Lineage has gone hand-in-hand with free-to-play for a while now, but that might be changing. Chinese publisher Tencent Games is experimenting with...