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TennoCon 2020: The creepy charm of Warframe’s broken frame, Xaku

When Digital Extreme's first announced that the Broken Frame concept won in the community creation contest, I had my reservations. I have known --...

TennoCon 2020: Watch the full demo of Warframe’s Heart of Deimos reveal

The TennoCon 2020 live reveal of Warframe’s Heart of Deimos was quite a bit to take in, so we understand if...

TennoCon 2020: Warframe’s infested open world Heart of Deimos launches August 25th on all platforms

To the moon, Tenno! A Mars moon, to be exact. If that was your guess for Warframe's Heart of Deimos expansion, you...

TennoCon 2020: Warframe art panel showcases new frames and infested everything

While the biggest reveal isn't until later tonight, that doesn't mean Warframe players aren't being treated to tons of tasty tidbits at

Warframe releases TennoCon 2020 schedule, with free Hydroid Prime and hand cannon for viewers

TennoCon 2020 is right around the corner, and thanks to the all-digital format for this year, all Warframe players and fans across...

Warframe of Mind: A history of TennoCon reveals, from The War Within to Heart of Deimos

I don't know about you, but there was a certain sadness hanging in the air on July 11th as I sat home instead of...

Warframe of Mind: Five ways to make a more splendiferous TennoCon 2020

When Digital Extremes announced the scrapping of all TennoCon 2020 in-person attendee plans, I was understandably pretty bummed. After all, Warframe's event...

Warframe studio Digital Extremes cancels in-person TennoCon 2020, turns it fully online

Another MMO-adjacent gaming event has now been canceled in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic. "TennoCon is going fully digital!" Warframe studio Digital Extremes...

Warframe highlights new Protea Frame, Scarlet Spear op, and Tennocon 2020’s date

Now that Kuva Liches are a little bit better than they were previously (presumably), Warframe can now focus on what's next, which...