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The Stream Team: Let’s talk TennoCon and Warframe

TennoCon always has exciting Warframe news, and 2022 was no different. Massively OP's MJ is hyped to talk about the upcoming content, from The...

TennoCon 2022: Warframe crossplay, cross save, and customizing Khal in Veilbreaker

An occupational hazard of attending cons: catching Iwantitnow-itis. This afflicts me after every TennoCon, be they digital or live. TennoCon 2022 was no different....

TennoCon 2022: Digital Extremes announces new fantasy MMO Soulframe

Warframe is a undeniably a sci-fi game. Players are even referred to as Space Ninjas. But what would happen if it turned fantasy? We...

TennoCon 2022: Werewolves in Warframe?

Warframe has a very blood oriented frame in Garuda, so the vampire aspect is touched upon. But what about werewolves? Where's a howling beast...

TennoCon 2022: Mount up and delve deep into Warframe’s Duviri Paradox

The path of a paradox is not a straight line. At the close of the 2019 TennoLive broadcast, Warframe players saw their first glimpse...

TennoCon 2022: Warframe introduces new Khora Prime – and she’s live now

One thing Space Ninjas always look forward to is the announcement of a brand-new prime frame in Warframe. At last year's convention, the infested...

TennoCon 2022: Digital Extremes’ annual charity focus Indspire supports Indigenous education

From its inception, Warframe's annual fan convention has selected a local charity to support, with ticket sales and player donations going to help various...

Warframe gives out free stuff to get you excited about TennoCon 2022

If you happen to be a fan of Warframe who can only feel excitement about the upcoming TennoCon 2022 event by getting free stuff,...

TennoCon 2022 gears up for ‘huge Warframe reveals’ on July 16th

Just when summer's getting its hotest, here comes TennoCon 2022 to make it sizzling. Warframe's annual digital event is set to arrive on July...
People always ask why I pick these screenshots and the answer is usually just that I felt like it.

Warframe’s TennoCon returns as an all-digital event on July 16

Warframe fans, block off July 16th in your calendars: That's the day Digital Extremes is setting aside for the return of TennoCon. The studio...