terrors of thalumbra

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EverQuest II’s underrealm opens as Terrors of Thalumbra launches

Terrors of Thalumbra joins the pantheon of EverQuest II expansions today; the fantasy game's 12th expansion is now live and enticing the denizens of...
That's a moray.

Exploring EverQuest II’s Terrors of Thalumbra raids

The next expansion for EverQuest II will include not one raid, not two raids, but four raids for players to take apart. If you...
Can't we go back to mushroom people? That'd be keen.

Take a walk on the abomination side in EverQuest II’s Kralet Penumbra

The various residents of EverQuest II's Terrors of Thalumbra expansion are not necessarily pleasing to the eye. That having been said, the Abominations of...
Just keep going down.

EverQuest II previews the Stygian Threshold

Those familiar with EverQuest II might expect that an area with a permanent portal into the Underfoot plane would be a kind of unpleasant...

EverQuest II: Terrors of Thalumbra scoots into beta testing

EverQuest II's underground expansion has gone into beta testing in preparation for its launch next month. Daybreak said that any player who pre-orders Terrors of...
Aren't I important?

EverQuest II shows off deities and infusions

There's more to the next EverQuest II expansion than simply exploring new areas; players are going to have new systems to help along the...
Straight outta wherever.

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Fantasy cities manage to have far more intense problems than real-world cities. Sure, there are plenty of real-world cities with crime problems, but how...

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Time's a-wasting! With just a month left to get ready for those terrors that await down in the subterranean world of Thalumbra, EverQuest II...
Today's mission is to wander around on the Brain Slug planet without a helmet.

EverQuest II previews the Thalumbra region

The next expansion for EverQuest II is leading players into a tourist trap. Not in the sense that it's filled with overpriced stores and...

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What's going on with the EverQuest II server merges? Inquiring players want to know, which is why Daybreak has posted an update on the situation...

EverQuesting: EQII expansion Terrors of Thalumbra launches November 17th

It's happening in less than two months: EverQuest II's 12th expansion is releasing on Tuesday, November 17th. The dev team announced the date and...