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Landmark adds claim rez, ditches PvP and EU servers

Although tons of information (5,000 words worth!) was posted in Landmark's update notes, some new stuff surfaced in the official livestream today. Devs also...
I did a thing, now give me my stat boost.

Testing for Landmark’s next update is currently underway

No, Daybreak hasn't abandoned Landmark: Producer Terry Michaels tweeted yesterday evening that the team has sent the next update to the QA server and is...

Landmark’s holiday patch introduces the Winter Holiday Party Zone

Landmark's been eerily quiet since Halloween, but good news, everyone: The game's just gotten a new holiday-themed update. Senior Producer Terry Michaels told forumgoers that...

EverQuest Next has a big internal playtest today

EverQuest Next is still very much a thing according to Daybreak producer Terry Michaels. On a livestream recorded earlier this afternoon, Michaels said that...

EverQuesting: (Almost) everything we know about EverQuest Next

In a perfect world, we'd have the mana of EverQuest Next news raining down from the sky, enough to satiate our hunger for information...

Sit and stay awhile with Landmark’s newest update

Let there be chairs! In the latest Landmark Live broadcast, Producers Terry Michaels and Emily Taylor show off some of the changes added to...

Daybreak shifts dev focus from Landmark to EverQuest Next

Daybreak senior producer Terry Michaels has posted a new letter on the Landmark website. He says that the dev team has been shifting its...

EverQuesting: Daybreak expounds on Landmark’s postponed wipe

Some pretty big changes are on their way to Landmark, not the least of which is the final full character wipe and an extensive...

Landmark will have just one more character wipe

Ever since players learned Landmark will definitely have another character wipe, we've all been very eager to know all the details. Those details are now in:...
Yes, yes it is.

EverQuest Next may not be F2P

SOE Daybreak has been all about "F2P your way" for a couple of years now, but comments by EverQuest Next senior producer Terry Michaels and...

EverQuest Next severs ties with Storybricks

Daybreak continues to trim its asset portfolio, as the former SOE studio has cut loose artificial intelligence software company Storybricks from the EverQuest Next...

Daybreak teams reassure MMO players, deflect DDoS attacks

More assurances are coming your way from Daybreak Games, this time from reps of each of the studio's games. "Absolutely nothing" has changed, according to...

Daybreak’s John Smedley: EverQuest Next is going to be ‘more than ok’

Worried about this week's mass firings of Daybreak employees and wondering what might happen to both Landmark and EverQuest Next? The studio has a...