test phases

Everyone remembers where we parked, right?

Astellia’s first closed beta has officially begun today – here’s the trailer

As promised, Astellia Online's initial closed beta test has begun as of this morning. "Closed beta testers will be providing the studio with invaluable...

The Daily Grind: How long is too long for early access?

Let's be real here, there's no question in anyone's mind that DayZ has been in early access far longer than it should be....
gorg it

Project Gorgon explains the upcoming changeover to Steam and beta development

It's an exciting time for Project Gorgon as the game heads toward Steam! It's not happening right now, of course; the game will...
Let's GO already!

The Daily Grind: Which MMO is doing the worst job of pretending it’s in beta?

I respect the fact that Revelation Online is in beta right now. It's closed testing and there's going to be a character wipe....
Dino rock.

Durango opens up beta signups; testing to start on December 14th

Yesterday brought the first hints of upcoming testing for mobile dinosaur survival game Durango, but today brings even more. Nexon has...
Jazzhands are happening

AdventureQuest 3D is hitting open beta very soon

Are you sporting a Massively Overpowered cape in AdventureQuest 3D without anyone around to appreciate its sublime awesomeness? Be patient just a little...
It goes the same as a thousand before.

ArcheAge enters open beta testing in China

The worldwide availability of ArcheAge takes another step forward as the game's Chinese client enters its open beta test. This comes after several...
Getting carded.

Paragon’s guide to cards for testers

Pretty much every MOBA has some system in place for upgrading your chosen hero as you play. Paragon is making use of a...
More for the slaughter once again.

Crowfall testing resumes on January 6th

There's a new video from the development team behind Crowfall taking a look at the game's past year of development while thanking players...
The hungriest of domes.

Crowfall aims siege warfare at February

If you're enjoying the current round of testing for Crowfall, we have both good news and bad news for you. The bad...
Wow. Such test. Very open.

Tree of Savior kicks off open beta in Korea on December 17th

Let's say you have a friend named Trab. You think that Trab would really like Tree of Savior, but he won't listen to...
Test pattern.

The Daily Grind: What aspect of modern MMO testing bothers you?

Beta testing doesn't bother me. Alpha-testing as a public thing doesn't bother me too much either. But pre-alpha? You're calling what you're doing a...
Take the high road in the high tower.

Crowfall discusses the true meaning of ‘pre-alpha’

What is an alpha, really? What's the dividing line between an alpha and a pre-alpha when both are playable? If a game has had...