thanksgiving 2022

Massively Overthinking: Our MMO predictions for 2023

Nobody can see the future, but it sure is fun guessing, and that's exactly what we're going to do for (to?) the MMO genre...

Massively on the Go: How Pokemon Go’s Niantic sabotaged player trust with the Ultra Beast raid event

Not only did Pokemon Go players once again vote with their feet against Niantic for Sunday's Ultra Beast raid event (and possibly the Saturday...

Star Wars Galaxies rogue server Empire in Flames kicks off the Taanab Harvest event

Who wouldn't want to work temporarily for a farming co-op with the looming threat of "escalating danger"? That's the elevator pitch for the Taanab...

The Stream Team: Thanksgiving in Trove

When thinking about where Massively OP's MJ wanted to spend her Thanksgiving, she couldn't help but think of the bouncing turkeys in Trove. And...

Massively Overthinking: The best cooking in MMORPGs

You probably thought tonight's Massively Overthinking would have a gratitude theme, what with the holiday and all. Nope, not this time, although it's sort...

Dark Age of Camelot is hosting in-game harvest celebrations until December 1st

It's time to celebrate the harvest in Dark Age of Camelot and that means there's some seasonal event goodness to enjoy, with some harvest...

Trove’s Reeling in the Stars update revamped fishing and added a star chart progression system

Bored Trove players are in a treat for Thanksgiving, as Gamigo took the opportunity to roll out the Reeling in the Stars update on...

Guild Wars 2 introduces a comfy cat chair and more bag slots for all

Guild Wars 2 and its expansions aren't the only sales going on in ArenaNet's neck of the woods this Thanksgiving week. The cash shop...

The Stream Team: The New World 100 turkey challenge

It's the day before Thanksgiving in the US (and the Turkulon event is going on), which is the perfect time for MOP's Chris to...

Is Elder Scrolls Online’s next stop in Telvanni-held mainland Morrowind?

The Dark Heart of Skyrim Celebration being held in Elder Scrolls Online has likely been about getting those sweet rewards for players, but one...
oh whale

Chimeraland gets child beasts, carnivorous plants, a nine-tailed fox, and Thanksgiving login goodies

We're not going to even try and qualify Chimeraland's decision to introduce child beasts, hungry plants, a kitsune creature, and Thanksgiving into one update...

Steam’s autumn sale is live now through November 29 – here are a few MMOs with good deals

Like clockwork, the autumn Steam sale has returned for the gaming world with deals just in time for Thanksgiving or Black Friday or Small-Business...

Dauntless has kicked off the season of Ramsgiving with returning and new ram-based rewards

While the recent update from Dauntless added the seasonal Ramsgiving event, it was simply baked in to the patch; the event itself didn't kick...
It makes sense, given the context.

New World will merge down 17 ‘legacy’ servers as the Turkolon event returns

Will no one think of the poor turkeys?! Amazon patched up New World overnight, and the key feature is Turkulon, which essentially adds a turkey...

Trove is dishing out another Friendsgiving feast between now and November 29

It's time to celebrate friends, food, and everything cubic in Trove as this year's Friendsgiving seasonal event is back again, running between today, November...
The saddest buffet line of all time.

EverQuest brings the Feast of Giving around once more

As of today, EverQuest wants to show you how much it appreciates you. But here's the real question: Do you appreciate EverQuest right back?...

Star Wars The Old Republic revives the Feast of Prosperity event for November

Last month, Star Wars: The Old Republic released its latest game update, which primarily was all about Galactic Season 3 as one might expect....

Dauntless’ new update sets the table for Ramsgiving, adds more quests and bonus events

The Shattered Isles of Dauntless are preparing for the next big holiday event, giving thanks to one of the most important of things in...

Massively on the Go: The Pokemon Go outlook for November 2022

After several several, constant event failures, Niantic still hasn't offered up a November blog for Pokemon GO. But it did release another homemade infographic...
Oh, to pretend to believe.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight gets a November 28 release date

Here we go: World of Warcraft: Dragonflight has a release date scheduled, and it's soon. Not "next week" soon, no, but "put in your...