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Path of Exile addresses major disconnection bug, plots new content

Not content to rest on its laurels after this month's The Awakening expansion, Grinding Gear Games has penned a quick post revealing precisely what...

Path of Exile: The Awakening launches today

The ground is rumbling underneath Path of Exile and will soon erupt in a plume of fiery content. The Awakening, a long-awaited content update,...

Path of Exile freeing up inactive character names tomorrow

Path of Exile's meaty Awakening content update hits the servers tomorrow, and while the patch will add plenty to the game, there's one thing...

Not So Massively: Dota 2’s $15M compendium, Vainglory’s Android launch

Star Citizen started delivering weekly progress updates on its overdue FPS module this week, and two developers talked about how you'll be able to...

Path of Exile: The Awakening launches on July 10, here’s a trailer

Path of Exile's Awakening expansion will officially release on July 10th. Grinding Gear will continue PoE's storyline into Act IV with the new update....

Not So Massively: Rust randomises penis size; Splatoon sells a million units

Nintendo's recently released Wii U shooter Splatoon sold over a million units worldwide in its first month, becoming one of the console's most popular...
Up, up, up!

Path of Exile wipes beta progress with latest patch

Beta testing for Path of Exile's next major update, The Awakening, is going about as well as testing ever does. The newest patch for...

The Stream Team: Path of Exile Act IV beta adventures

You've read about the incoming changes in Path of Exile's upcoming Act IV, but have you seen them? MassivelyOP's MJ has secured a spot...
There's never a skill for making valuable new friends.

Path of Exile adds Golems and Warcries in Awakening

Path of Exile's next major update, The Awakening, is introducing not one, not three, but two new types of skills to the game. There...