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The Culling will sunset in May after unsuccessful free-to-play relaunch

Bad news for fans of The Culling: Developer Xaviant Games has announced that the game's free-to-play servers will close officially on May...

The Culling: Origins goes back to basics, makes game free-to-play

It's been a couple of months now since the catastrophic launch and subsequent cancellation of Xaviant Games's battle royale title

The Culling 2 has been canceled as devs agree it was ‘not a game that you asked for’ and return to work on The Culling

Earlier this week, we covered the shaky launch of Xaviant Games' The Culling 2, a battle royale title that was billed as a...

The Culling 2 appears to be dead on arrival thanks to quality issues and angry Culling fans

Does the industry need more battle royale games? Allow me to play devil's advocate for a second and say that it does. After all,...