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Official Site: The Elder Scrolls Online
Studio: ZeniMax Online Studios/Bethesda Softworks
Launch Date: April 4, 2014
Genre: Fantasy Themepark
Business Model: Buy-to-play on PC as of March 17, 2015
Platform: PC, Mac; Xbox One and PS4 as of June 9, 2015

Elder Scrolls Online announces console digital preorders

Getting pumped for The Elder Scrolls Online’s console launch in two weeks? Of course you’re not; you’re an MMO player, so you’ve been playing the darn game for a year already, right?

If not, then you’ll want to keep an eye on ZeniMax’s preorder offerings. The studio reminded gamers today that now, both the Xbox One and PS4 editions are available for digital preorder. Why would you hand over your hard-earned money early? For the Explorer’s Pack, of course; every console preorder comes with a Scuttler vanity pet, a bundle of treasure maps, and an account-wide faction unlock that’ll allow your characters to select any alliance to represent, not just the one to which his or her race is normally assigned.

You can also pay an additional $20 for the Imperial Edition of the game, which like the PC version of the same name will unlock the Imperial race for your account and set you up with a sweet white horse.


Elder Scrolls Online begins cracking down on ‘fradulent’ game keys

It could be one of the most heart-dropping emails an MMO player could get: a notice that the game key he or she purchased turned out to be from a shady dealer and that the account will be closed.

But that’s just what’s happening right now with Elder Scrolls Online. ZeniMax is sending out emails to players who have purchased so-called “fraudulently obtained digital game keys” for the MMO, informing them that their accounts are forfeit as a result.

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Tamriel Infinium: What we know about Elder Scrolls Online’s Imperial City

Even before the PC launch of the Elder Scrolls Online last year, there was something the community pined for: the Imperial City. In my first trip to Cyrodiil, I hopped on my horse to see if I could catch a glimpse of the White-Gold Tower at the center of the capital. As I galloped over a hill in the southwest of the Cyrodiil woods heading north, the shadow of a giant spire peeked out from the dense fog.

It’s not often anymore that we are awed by the scale of an MMO, especially since so many MMORPGs close themselves off with zones or a ton of instances — ESO does the same. But it’s nice to know that the developers did a great job of keeping the scale and the beauty of the land yet still sectioning off parts.

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Elder Scrolls Online’s new trailer spotlights multiplayer content

The Elder Scrolls Online is inching closer and closer to its console launch just three weeks from now, and that means… trailers!

The last video covered the game’s freedom and sandboxy choices; today’s episode in this four-part video series is called “The Elder Scrolls With Friends” and focuses on unscripted multiplayer experiences, siege warfare, alliances, public and private dungeons, level-scaling, world challenges, guilds, voice chat, and highbie group-centric veteran content.

Tamriel Unlimited boasts a vibrant, active community that is the heart and soul of the online experience,” the narrator breathily informs us. Catch the whole video below.

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The Elder Scrolls Online will not require a one-time code for play on consoles

Good news for those of you looking to play The Elder Scrolls Online on consoles – if you want to sell your copy or trade it to a friend, you won’t have to fret over it. Initial reports had indicated that the game would have a one-time code for activating your account, but subsequent information from ZeniMax Online has clarified that all you’ll need to verify your game account is the actual game disc.

This is a bit of a departure from other MMOs, where the serial number in your copy rather than the disc is what allows you to play. However, since The Elder Scrolls Online is buy-to-play, the shift makes sense. And, hey, at least we’re not knee-deep in that Xbox One game sharing fiasco again.

Source: GamePolitics


Tamriel Infinium: A guide to Elder Scrolls Online’s combat basics

I was looking back through some of my posts about the Elder Scrolls Online, and I noticed that I’ve mentioned combat quite a bit. I talk about how it feels, how it’s action-oriented. I even have a couple of articles about different class builds. My favorite thing to talk about is how that your class really doesn’t determine your role in a group. But somehow, I’ve never really discussed the basics of ESO combat.

ESO’s combat is a bit slower-paced than some other games, like DC Universe Online which actually has a very similar system. I think it has a slower system than Guild Wars 2, but that might just be an animation difference. ESO‘s combat is far less clunky than The Secret World, and the hits definitely feel as if they have more weight.

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Elder Scrolls Online loses two key devs, WoW picks up Moorgard from EQ Next

The MMO industry is a vibrant market that’s always shifting as developers move between projects. So who has gone where lately?

For starters, former EverQuest Next Lead Content Designer Steve “Moorgard” Danuser has migrated over to World of Warcraft, where he’s taken up the position of a senior designer. Danuser was one of the many developers let go during the Daybreak layoffs this past February.

Some Elder Scrolls Online players have been wondering where the heck Lead Gameplay Designer Nicholas Konkle has been. “Not with ZeniMax” is the answer; Konkle has taken up with the folks at Riot Games as a senior game designer for League of Legends. Another departure from ESO is Gameplay Designer Maria Aliprando, who according to her Linkedin is no longer with ZeniMax as of this month.

Source: Twitter, ESO forums, LinkedIn #1, #2. Thanks to Kinya and Nazon for the tips!


The Daily Grind: Are modern console MMO communities worthwhile?

This morning’s Daily Grind hurtles through space and time to us from Kickstarter donor Kenneth “Fizwocket” Gonsalves, who wonders about the console community potential in MMORPGs.

Is there a community on console MMOs? With the upcoming console release of Elder Scrolls Online, I’ve been thinking about how players socially interact sans keyboard in a world where MMOs all seem to have some sort of auto-queue everything and actually typing to other players seems almost extinct. I stayed away from console MMOs because of an assumption that there can’t be any sort of community existence. But am I right to do so? Is the community on a console be any different than what we see on the PC nowadays? How do console veterans rate the social interaction of past established MMOs on their consoles?

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Elder Scrolls Online video demonstrates freedom and choice

Do you like freedom? Do you like choices? Well, of course you do; you’re a living person, not RoboTron 2010. Elder Scrolls Online purports to love both of these as well, which will make you best buddies in the future (or so the marketing hopes go).

In a new video, ESO gives a rundown of the core features of the game, playing heavily to the choices in story, character creating, adventuring, crafting, and endgame progression. It’s also a good primer for someone who has never heard of an MMO and may be puzzled as to what makes it different from a traditional RPG.

Check out the new video after the break and let us know what you think of it!

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Elder Scrolls Online hints at Imperial City, Orsinium DLC

The next major milestone for The Elder Scrolls Online is its console release, obviously. But what comes after that? When can players on the PC actually expect to start seeing some new content? What about these whispers about the Imperial City? When do players get to reach the fireworks factory? After the console launch, apparently.

Yes, a quick tweet did not explain exact dates in detail, but it made the overall thrust of things clear. The Imperial City will be released some time after the console launch, with Orsinium slated to come out after that. That could mean both will be out in the next few months, but more importantly it means that players can expect to hear more about it just as soon as the console version is finished with testing and on the shelves.

[Source: Twitter; thanks to Ricky for the tip!]


Elder Scrolls Online console versions getting ‘quick chat’ instead of text chat

Elder Scrolls Online probably won’t have text chat functionality when it launches on consoles. We say “probably” because ZeniMax has sent mixed signals on this particular issue, as chronicled in a news blurb at Eurogamer.

The latest update comes from game director Matt Firor, who told the website that proximity voice chat is the name of the game at the moment. “As with a lot of console multiplayer games, player-to-player communication in ESOTU is based around voice chat. That being said, we are looking into implementing a quick chat system, and when we have more news to share, we’ll let you know,” he said.

[Source: Eurogamer]


Hyperspace Beacon: Hands-on with SWTOR’s Rise of the Emperor update

If you read the last Hyperspace Beacon, then you know that BioWare’s announcement that Ziost is finally hitting Star Wars: The Old Republic excited me beyond reason. Ziost is one of those planets that really should make a mark on the SWTOR universe because of its significance in Star Wars ancient history. Unfortunately, that also means that BioWare has a lot to live up to when it comes to creating this planet. We are, of course, talking about the former capital world of the Sith Empire and the home of the first Dark Lord of the Sith Ajunta Pall.

This past weekend I played through the Ziost storyline myself. And to make sure I had a rounded perspective, I watched a few videos playthroughs of the planetary quests too. Specifically, I’d like to mention Vulkk, who produces a monstrous swath of videos about all the SWTOR content. I watched his Republic playthrough just to make sure that I didn’t really miss anything as far as the story was concerned.

As you will come to understand after reading this, the story on Ziost feels incomplete, and frankly, the quest layout is really weird compared to all the previous quests.

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See how Elder Scrolls Online plays on consoles

With the beta tests for Elder Scrolls Online’s Xbox One and PlayStation 4 editions underway, potential players can get an idea of whether the console adaptation will be worth their time. In that spirit, we have two hands-on videos for you to evaluate, one for each of the consoles.

Elder Scrolls Online will be launching on Xbox One and PS4 on June 9th. If you currently own a PC edition of the game, you have until May 9th to take ZeniMax up on its offer to sell you a console edition (with a character copy) for $20.

Check out the videos below and let us know what you think!

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