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Be an Antman in The Hammers End

Antmen are hot properties this July, or so we heard. Alas, there are not many places that you can explore what life would be like as an ant adventurer — unless, of course, you decided to pick up The Hammers End.

Antman is one of six quirky races that exist in this indie title, along with other luminaries such as Fishman and Brownie. This is “the best hangout since the dawn of MMORPGs,” boast the developers, promising a return to the feel of old-school games. It’s a decidedly low-fidelity MMO that has potential charm as you take on the role of a small adventurer in the larger world of nature.

The Hammers End is subscription-only, requiring a $15/month access fee after a free trial. It offers a full PvE and PvP world with non-instanced dungeons, and all the Papyrus font you could ask for. Check out the following overview video to get a quick feel for The Hammers End’s style and features!

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