the international

Dota 2’s International is an annual championship series for professional MOBA players.

Massively Uplifting: Shattering mental health and disability stereotypes while increasing gaming inclusivity

Back to school? That quintessential September mantra may not be a given for everyone this year. However, what is still a given is the...

War Thunder introduces two new limited-time modes inspired by the International Army Games

Today I learned that War Thunder has gotten some new limited-time modes based on the International Army Games and that the International Army...
Everybody everybody

Path of Exile Harvest almosts tops concurrency record with 231K simultaneous players

It doesn't seem as if Path of Exile is slowing down any time soon: Thanks to the launch of the Harvest league last...

GDC Summer, Dota 2’s The International, and Fortnite’s World Cup suffer fresh setbacks thanks to the pandemic

More bad news for gaming convention-goers and esports fans: Everything is canceled. OK, not everything, but a lot. And not canceled, but postponed or...

The Game Archaeologist: Tabula Rasa

The story of Tabula Rasa begins, as so many others do, with 1997's Ultima Online. Raph Koster and Richard Garriott's online fantasy...

MMO Business Roundup: Valve is shopping around Dota 2’s top tourney

Time for another quick roundup of a bunch of MMO-adjacent businessy stories that were drowning in our busy Thursday newsroom! The International: Valve is...

Lawful Neutral: Examining DDoS attacks and their impact on MMOs

When I was younger, used to play with LEGOs with my cousins all the time. We'd spend time creating huge houses and vehicles that...
Oh my.

J. Allen Brack says the Blitzchung incident ‘exposed some immaturity’ in Blizzard

It's a bit long in the tooth now with BlizzCon well behind us, but the Esports Observer published an interview with Blizzard's J....

Ragnarok Online’s international servers are going dark for two months to receive a mass of updates

When you update your MMO, you have one of two methods: the drip-feed, which sees you slowly release smaller updates, or the force-feed, which...

Blizzard bans Hearthstone esports player and fires casters over pro-Hong Kong protest

I suppose it was just a matter of time before the current Chinese political mess spilled over into gaming, but it's done so now:...

Pirate holidays make landfall in LOTRO and World of Warcraft this week

Disclaimer: This author's family threw him a pirate-themed 30th birthday party and he walked the plank and it was definitely an amazing experience. Double...

US Senator Bernie Sanders publicly offers support for game worker unionization

That dull, wooden hammering you hear in the background is the attachment of planks to platforms. With the US 2020 presidential campaign season drawing...

World of Warcraft releases details for its upcoming Arena World Championship esports season

For those of us who dare enjoy esports events, the summer has a lot to look forward to, what with The International, DreamHack,...

Dota 2 paywalls its Avoid Player feature by including it with its Battle Pass

The nature of the beast in team-based competitive games is this awful notion that frustration with how a match plays out gives one carte...

EVE Online begins CSM14 election season as Chinese corp plots takeover of Tranquility

Following the drama surrounding the EVE Online's Council of Stellar Management during its 13th season - which was capped off with the very...

Hyperspace Beacon: I wasn’t going to talk about Anthem, but I think I should

Like everyone else working in or around the gaming industry, I read Kotaku's Jason Schreier's exposé on BioWare's development of Anthem. And like...

MMOs you’ve never heard of: Swordsman X, Grounds of Glory, Dekaron, KAL Online, and Apsis Online

Howsabout another fun roundup of MMOs and other online games you've never heard of - or have totally forgotten about? Let's do it. Were...

The International Olympic Committee casts doubt on the inclusion of esports at the Olympics

The tug-of-war over whether esports should be included at the Olympic Games is becoming its own sport. In 2017, statements from the Paris...
We never like these things.

International regulators co-sign declaration to investigate lockboxes and skin gambling

If you thought Belgium and The Netherlands were going to keep on standing alone in the fight against lootboxes, you were very much mistaken,...

Blizzard and Riot attended the International Olympic Committee’s e-sports summit this past weekend

Over the last year, we've seen a ramp-up of high-level chatter about bringing e-sports to the Olympics. Last summer the co-president of the Paris...