the second age

An Ultima Online expansion.

LOTRO Legendarium: First impressions of Minas Morgul

To kick off this early look at Lord of the Rings Online: Minas Morgul, I want to start by taking a step back to...

Lord of the Rings Online starts testing Minas Morgul expansion

As the saying goes, "One does not simply walk into Mordor. One repeatedly walks in and out of Mordor on a near-endless series of...

LOTRO: Minas Morgul will take you back in time to the Second Age

With the undead and possibly soulless cat out of the bag with Minas Morgul, Standing Stone Games is fielding a whole bunch of questions...

Perfect Ten: The MMORPGs boasting the most expansions

In 2018 alone, the MMORPG industry saw no less than 14 major expansions release for various titles, and in 2019 we've had at least...

The Game Archaeologist: Neverwinter Nights 1 & 2

At the end of June 2014, dozens of online worlds flickered and vanished with the flip of a switch. It was a online apocalypse...

Perfect Ten: The best expansions for specific MMOs

Looking over the past two decades or so, MMORPGs have grown by leaps and bounds with regular releases, events, and (of course) expansion packs....

Interview and excerpt: The ‘Braving Britannia’ book preserves Ultima Online’s oral history

Earlier this week, we wrote about the launch of a new book that's right up MMORPG fans' alley. Dubbed Braving Britannia: Tales of Life,...
Not this.

Ultima Online preps a bug push, gives a voice to town cryers

Bugs, you better live it up, because your days are numbered. Ultima Online is preparing a big bug push (squash?) with June's Publish 100....

Perfect Ten: MMOs that claimed to be the first

We've all been there. We're playing our favorite MMORPG and then self-appointed professors of game history start arguing in world chat about firsts --...

One Shots: The drinks are on us

Last week's (last) call for tavern and inn images seemed to bring out the nostalgic in all of our readers. It certainly didn't take...

Take your first gander at LOTRO’s High Elves

Over on the Bullroarer test server, Lord of the Rings Online has welcomed its latest race to the game. High Elves are now available...

An exclusive look at RIFT’s 2015 plans with Game Director Christopher Junior

Massively OP: We're here with RIFT Game Director Christopher Junior to talk about the state of the game and what's coming up this year. So...