the secret world

Official Site: The Secret World
Studio: Funcom
Launch Date: July 3, 2012
Genre: Modern Horror Hybrid Themepark
Business Model: Hybrid B2P (Optional Sub, Cash Shop)
Platform: PC
See also: Secret World Legends

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The Secret World’s anniversary event returns on July 1

Can you believe that The Secret World is three years old? How is that possible? Anyway, a Funcom livestream has revealed that the annual Guardians...

The Stream Team: Taking on Aimee in The Secret World’s Orochi Tower

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An exclusive Tokyo post-mortem with The Secret World’s Romain Amiel

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Housing looks unlikely for The Secret World [Updated]

If you're hoping for player housing in The Secret World, you should probably stop hoping. In a Q&A on the official forums, Funcom executive producer...

The Daily Grind: What quest involving music have you liked?

Give me more variety in my quests, I always say. That is why I'm delighted when designers utilize elements such as, say, music in...
Great old.

The Secret World rolls out its Ultimate Edition

Getting back up to speed in any game can be tricky. If you're out of the loop for a while, you miss out on...

The Stream Team: Sweeping more floors in The Secret World’s Orochi tower

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Create The Secret World’s August item of the month

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Chaos Theory: I like The Secret World’s combat

Hi. My name is MJ. And I like The Secret World's combat. There, I admitted it. And trust me, I am fully aware that it...

The Secret World shuts down accounts linked to unauthorized Steam key resellers

Funcom is drawing a line for The Secret World players who attempt to use Steam keys from "unauthorized resellers" by shutting down accounts linked to...

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The Stream Team: Introducing The Secret World’s first motorcycle

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Leaderboard: Which mounts would you like to see in The Secret World?

Funcom's mount patch for The Secret World went live earlier today, and while we've talked a lot about the motorcycle in recent days, the...

You can ride a motorcycle in The Secret World tomorrow

The title really says it all, no? Funcom has announced that it is bringing down The Secret World's servers on June 3rd at 8:30...

One Shots: Reflections of me

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