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Massively OP Podcast Episode 61: Update-o-rama!

Justin and Bree discuss WoW Legion, Ascent, Guild Wars 2, Star Trek Online, RIFT, and LOTRO, plus mailbag questions on The Secret World and WoW killers.
Ha, launch, like a spaceship. Cute.

Ascent: The Space Game formally launches from early access today

Players of Ascent: The Space Game have no doubt grown accustomed to the game being in early access, along with approximately every other title....

Sandbox Ascent: The Space Game’s new patch adds co-op combat, overhauled UI

Indie space sandbox MMORPG Ascent: The Space Game scored a "massive" update yesterday, so big the studio has nicknamed it the HyperMegaUltra update. "So...

The best Massively OP MMORPG streams of 2015

The number of games our wee little Stream Team covers in the span of a year is staggering. If you ever wanted to know...

The MOP Up: A look behind A Realm Reborn (December 27, 2015)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some...

The Stream Team: Ambling about in Ascent

Do you know how to get MassivelyOP's MJ to play a game of your choice? One Patreon backer does! And the selection for this...

Ascent’s lead dev offers insight on the Star Citizen controversy

Last week, the Massively OP podcast hosted guest James Hicks, the developer behind impressive indie space sandbox MMO Ascent: The Space Game. You won't...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 33: Ascent’s James Hicks

Justin and Bree fête Ascent's James Hicks discussing Star Citizen, Wurm Online, Ultima Online, WildStar, Daybreak's mystery game, Elite: Dangerous, RIFT, and Funcom.
Sneaking around, as you will.

Ascent updates its interface amidst a galactic smuggling crisis

Did you vote for Galactic President Prolapser in Ascent? Possibly not, but everyone has to deal with what's happened as a result of his...

Massively Overthinking: MMOs that need VR

Man, our Kickstarter backers are fixated on virtual reality. It's almost as if you guys are really tech-savvy and into gaming immersion or something! Today's Massively Overthinking question...

Ascent’s new president of the galaxy ruffles feathers, furthers roleplay

Ascent's president of the galaxy election is in the books, and a player named Prolapser ran away with 77 percent of the popular vote....

Ascent’s James Hicks: ‘We really are onto something unique here’

Ascent: The Space Game is one of the MMO genre's most ambitious titles. Whether it's the seamless transitions between the vastness of space and...

Ascent’s first election will determine the President of the Galaxy

Ascent: The Space Game is holding its first major election. This isn't just any player election, mind you, but it's one that will determine...

Ascent’s NPCs sound kinda like Skynet

If you're itching for a PvE-focused space sandbox, now's probably a good time to check out Ascent: The Space Game. It's 20 percent off during...

Steam’s summer sale offers mad MMO deals [Updated Monday]

Prepare your wallets to go broke and your libraries to fill to the brim with games that you'll never have time to play, for...

Ascent adds ‘full disembark’ to colonies, lots more

Have you been keeping up with Ascent: The Space Game lately? I haven't, and shame on me because an interesting round of updates hit the...
Make My MMO

Make My MMO: April 11, 2015

This week in MMO crowdfunding news, we said goodbye to Descent Underground's fundraising campaign. It was a fond farewell, though, since the sci-fi space shooter reboot topped...

New Ascent patch has gas, terraforming

Sometimes a news post comes along that you're just meant to write. For me, it's this little ditty about Ascent. For one thing, I'm...

Ascent is MMO space simming done right

My favorite thing about Ascent: The Space Game is its planetary rotation. It's a small thing, granted, but the first time I sat still...
Ascent the Space Game

The Daily Grind: Which MMO was better than you expected?

I've been dabbling in Ascent: The Space Game here lately, even though I keep telling myself that I'm done with early access titles. It's...