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Crowfall gets you up to speed on Pre-Alpha 5.3

It has been a while in the making, but Crowfall's Patch 5.3 is on its way... "soon." The team isn't quite saying when yet,...

Here’s how Crowfall is overhauling its skill system

Crowfall's ramping up the dev blogs this week with a fresh one on the skills system. "Skills are one of the main methods of...
More for the slaughter once again.

Crowfall Q&A video covers number squish and the difference between disciplines and classes

Do you like numbers? It's summer, you shouldn't have to think about math! That's OK, the Crowfall team will deal with that for you. In this...

Crowfall on mini-class disciplines, guilds, communication, and the dawning of campaign worlds

Crowfall's Mark Halash and Thomas Blair are back with another Q&A video for the game with questions provided by backers. Starting off, Blair says...
Slash heal.

‘Reputation should matter’: Crowfall ties your account name to your character name

Anonymous griefers, Crowfall might not be the game for you. In May's developer Q&A video, the team clarified that players' character names will be...

Take a peek at the development of Crowfall’s winged fae assassin class

OK, so "minimum viable product" is pretty much the worst thing an MMO dev can say about her game. But how about "minimum viable...
From a certain point of view.

Crowfall adds skill loadout customization

Thanks to a new update, Crowfall is giving its players more freedom than before in customizing their own playstyle. The focus here is on...

Here’s how Crowfall is tweaking resource harvesting for Big World

Crowfall Design Lead Thomas "Blixtev" Blair has a new dev blog out this afternoon on the resource harvesting slice of the big world testing going...

Crowfall shows off the ins and outs of crafting

Like peanut butter and chocolate, PvP and crafting seem to be two flavors that go very well together. Crowfall thinks so, at least, which...
I mean, nothing is real.

Crowfall’s Raph Koster and Thomas Blair on the challenges of MMORPG harvesting

Harvesting in an MMORPG is just the boring gruntwork you have to trudge through before you can get to the glory of crafting --...

Crowfall Q&A sheds light on the soft launch and the feedback process

In its Q&A session for the month of September, Crowfall Design Lead Thomas Blair and Creative Director Todd Coleman celebrate a whole year of...

Crowfall devs on stats, emotes, and chat bubbles

Have a spare few minutes in your day to exchange for a little Crowfall enlightenment? Creative Director J. Todd Coleman and Lead Designer Thomas Blair...

Crowfall Q&A talks about Eternal Kingdoms and next playable archetypes

The Crowfall community has no end of questions for the ArtCraft team, and ArtCraft has no end of time to answer them. Actually, today...

Crowfall’s healer/nuker Druid archetype isn’t a ‘firehose healer’

Crowfall devs confirmed today that they are indeed working on the Druid archetype. In fact, ArtCraft's goal is to integrate the Druid into the...
All of the time.

Crowfall demos catapult gameplay from Siege Perilous test round

Crowfall Design Lead Thomas Blair has just revealed a brief new video walkthrough of the catapult, the first combat vehicle in the game and...

Crowfall preps ‘Siege Perilous’ castle siege testing for ‘later this month’

ArtCraft is previewing its next big pre-alpha rollout for Crowfall, codenamed Siege Perilous: the "first phase of testing for some of the initial features...
Mad skills.

Crowfall is tweaking healing, dizzy states, and multiple archetypes

Hopefully you weren't unduly attached to the number-crunched specifics of any of Crowfall's planned archetypes because the in-development MMO is contemplating some minor changes. In...
Let's war ov

Crowfall on experimental design and ship dates for crowdfunded MMOs

In January's Crowfall Q&A video, Design Lead Thomas Blair and Founder/Art Director J. Todd Coleman discuss Crowfall as an "experimental project." So many game design...
loud noises

This is how Crowfall has evolved over the past 16 weeks

Crowfall's latest video is a 25-minute affair that shows you how the crowdfunded PvP fantasy title has progressed from stacks of Post-It notes, index...

Crowfall releases two vids, one with Legionaires and one with kittens

Good news for Crowfall and its fans today, as ArtCraft has announced that a round of additional equity financing to the tune of $1...