time travel

Desert Oasis: Is Black Desert’s lore actually a time-travel narrative?

In the last edition of Desert Oasis, I wrote about an absolutely dismal week in Black Desert that ultimately ended with my taking a...

Time travel-themed ARPG Lost Epoch launches Kickstarter and puts out demo

How is it even possible to make a Diablo-style game more awesome than the original? Easy -- you toss in time travel. Now things...

Perfect Ten: Time travel in MMORPGs

Over the years, I've been fascinated with the concept of time in MMORPGs. It's one of those things that developers probably don't want you...
Captain McFly of the USS... oh, heck no, not going there.

Star Trek Online shows off the rewards for temporal captains in Agents of Yesterday

So let's break this down very simply. There's a crisis in the future of Star Trek Online, which is leading agents further in the...
I get the temptation, but you are not actually a captain.

Star Trek Online previews the Temporal Operative primary specialization

The Temporal Operative is the newest primary specialization for player characters in Star Trek Online. Or perhaps it's the oldest. Things get really wonky...

The Daily Grind: Could a time travel MMO work?

A week or so ago, we reported on the release of an eastern title called Dark Era that was largely unremarkable save for the...

Get your time travel on with Dark Era

While time travel has certainly been done as part of MMO quests, could an entire game revolve around the sci-fi concept? Dark Era, a...

LOTRO’s 2016 roadmap

Everyone always wants to know what's coming next for their favorite game. As Lord of the Rings Online players are nearing the cusp of...

Lineage II goes Underground on October 14

Suit up, Lineage II players, because you're about to embark on your most amazing adventure yet. On October 14th, NCsoft will be releasing the game's Underground...
You're a liar, Future Me! A wonderful liar.

The Daily Grind: What MMO would you tell your younger self about?

If I could travel back in time and talk with Past Eliot in the year 2000, I would... well, actually, I would tell him...