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Desert Nomad: The Nomad’s guide to Black Desert

Hello friends, and welcome to a new installment of Choose My Adv-- HA HA, PSYCH! This puppet's strings have been cut, suckers! No longer...

Eight tips for success in Epic’s MOBA Paragon

Nobody ever claimed that MOBAs were easy to comprehend in full. Sure, you can get in and start playing relatively quickly, but to truly...
Try to fly better than this.

Get some useful tips on Blade & Soul before it launches tomorrow

Tomorrow's the big launch day for Blade & Soul for anyone not already enjoying the head start opportunity. Users on Reddit have helpfully compiled...
You gave me power in your god's name, which is my name, because I am your god.

Skyforge offers players tips for using Orders

It's important to remember that when you play Skyforge, you are a deity. That doesn't just mean that you're as powerful as a deity;...

Check out these top 10 newbie tips for Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is seeing a surge of player interest these days with the dual-punch of the core game's F2P moveĀ and the expansion release...
Tip one, wear pants.

Skyforge offers tips on playing with others

Playing well with others is important when you're playing online games, and Skyforge is indeed an online game. Fortunately, a new round of tips...
Keep it chill.

Skyforge offers tips for adventuring in regions

Would you say that you're great at Skyforge or would you say you're super great? Or would you blush, look around, and admit in...
The power of price compels you, or something.

Elder Scrolls Online console newbie? Bethsoft’s got a guide for you

So, how do you transition from playing Skyrim to The Elder Scrolls Online? Well, first you log on, which can be a bit of...
GTA Online

Quick tips for maximizing your GTA Online fun

I've been playing GTA Online for 50-something hours now, and while I'm by no means an expert, I'm a lot smarter about the game...
Stab some stuff.

Wisdom of Nym: How to catch up in Final Fantasy XIV (before Heavensward arrives)

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Chaos Theory: Six more tips for new Secret World players

You didn't seriously think that six tips could come close to encapsulating the knowledge needed to start in The Secret World, did you? Of...

Chaos Theory: Six tips for new Secret World players

Now that Blingzilla is no longer roaming the lands tempting everyone with goodies galore (or turning movement into a stroll through a mire of...