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TonyV leaves City of Heroes NCsoft negotiations, resigns from Titan Network

Over the course of the last few months, following the revelation of working City of Heroes server code out in the wild and the...

The Titan Network is negotiating to open a legal community-run City of Heroes server

Following the abrupt shut-down of the first City of Heroes rogue server yesterday, the game's community has been in turmoil as leaders urged patience....
It's never quite gone.

Paragon Chat is already planning an event for the City of Heroes anniversary on April 28

This year would have been a big one for City of Heroes as the game's 15th anniversary. Of course, the fans aren't about to let...

Here’s how to Celebrate City of Heroes’ 14th anniversary in Paragon Chat today

If you're feeling the burning desire to reminisce in City of Heroes and hang out with other people who understand why it was so...

City of Heroes’ Paragon Chat is getting its own player-run Halloween contests, missions, and music

Just because City of Heroes is gone doesn't mean that you can't have Halloween events for the game. It sort of does remove most...

City of Heroes dev answers more lore questions for game’s anniversary

City of Heroes is dead; long live City of Heroes! The superhero MMO would have been 11 years old next month but for an...