Official Site: Titan aka Project Titan
Studio: Blizzard Entertainment
Launch Date: Cancelled prior to formal reveal

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EVE Evolved: Does EVE Online need more conflict-drivers?

Of all the terminology associated with EVE Online, the one thing that’s always made me a bit uncomfortable is to hear players describe PvP as “generating content.” It’s an oddly sterile euphemism that seemed to surface years ago during the era of the blue donut when large alliances organised faux wars for the entertainment of their restless troops, and it doesn’t sit right with me. PvP in EVE is supposed to be about real conflict for solid reasons, not generating content for its own sake. It’s about smashing a gang of battleships into a pirate blockade to get revenge, suicide ganking an idiot for transporting PLEX in a frigate, or forcibly dismantling another alliance’s station because you just hate them so much.

EVE PvP can be visceral and highly personal, not just something fun to do or a game of strategy but a way to settle old grudges and punish people for whatever the hell you want. World War Bee was a brutal mix of Machiavellian politics and massive fleets of highly motivated players coming together, not just for some fun gameplay but to try and completely annihilate the goons. So what the hell happened? Why are so many people sitting in nullsec fortresses and farming ISK, building huge capital fleets and complaining about the “lack of content” in PvP today? Does EVE‘s conflict engine need a tune-up?

In this edition of EVE Evolved, I look at some of the factors limiting real conflict in EVE today and suggest three possibly controversial changes that would drive further conflict in New Eden.

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Global Chat: The MMORPG blogosphere reacts to Amazon’s New World announcement

Judging by the number and passion of comments posted on the announcement of Amazon Game Studios’ new MMORPG, a lot of you have no shortage of opinions and thoughts on New World.

The announcement wasn’t completely unforeseen, although there was a huge shadow of doubt that it would actually turn into an MMO. A multiplayer survival sandbox or MOBA more likely. Instead, AGS revealed that it is indeed working on a “massively multiplayer open-ended sandbox” set in an alternate version of 17th century Americas where supernatural terrors abound.

Just as opinions are flying fast and furious about New World here on Massively OP — some excited, some fearful, some hesitant — so too is the conversation about this new title spreading across the MMO blogosphere. In this special edition of Global Chat, we’ll be rounding up impressions and analysis from passionate MMO players and writers on this major announcement.

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Chronicles of Elyria teases online store, taiga biome

Chronicles of Elyria’s weekly update to Kickstarter watchers is brief, but it heralds the 2.1 release of the website, which now includes a private messaging system, better moderation tools, improved mobile support, and aesthetic enhancements. Soulbound Studios says it still expects to launch the online store “in just two weeks.”

But you probably wanted to hear about the game itself. How about some lore?

“I can tell you we continue to work on defining more details of the different Tribes of Mann. While I can’t say much now, I can say that the first one we’ve been working on we call the Joru Tribe, pronounced Yor-oo. Members of the tribe are referred to as Joran (Yor-uhn). If you sense a bit of a Nordic flare to the name, you’re not wrong. As the design currently stands, the Joru are a northern tribe, accustomed to the harsh winters of the Tundra and Taiga. Rumor has it, even the Bearded King Thandrus may have some Joru blood in him.”

There’s also a bit of concept art and work-in-progress screenies of the Titan’s Steppe area, which we’ve included below.

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Fan finishes up Blizzard’s Warcraft Adventures and releases it to the public

Video game history buffs know well that not every Blizzard project resulted in a launched game. Starcraft Ghost and Project Titan, anyone? Of particular interest to World of Warcraft fans is the cancelled 1998 title, Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans.

This adventure game followed the story of Thrall (you may have heard of him) and featured quite a bit of animated cutscenes. While Blizzard provided the story and design, it had outsourced some of the work to Russian studio Animation Magic. The project was ultimately canned (and the story turned into the novel Warcraft: Lord of the Clans).

However, a fan project has been working on finishing up the game and getting it out to the public. “After 18 years of waiting, project Warcraft Adventures [that was] cancelled [by] Blizzard in 1998 year [is] finally released!” Russian fan Reidor posted. “This is [the] full pre-released version with in-game cinematics and interest .txt docs. This is my gift for all Blizzard fans, old and new.”

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LawBreakers’ Titan looks like it could literally chew rocks

Nexon‘s LawBreakers has put out videos on the Enforcer and Assassin roles so far, and this week is the week of the Titan. Yeah, these guys are the heavies of the online shooter, the tanks with damage and jumping skills.

MOP’s Andrew Ross told us that during his time testing the game at this year’s E3, Bomchelle — the Law side’s Titan — had the worst name and the best gameplay, so take that as you will. Video, pics, and mini-infographic below!

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LawBreakers highlights Enforcer characters in new video

In is latest character video for LawBreakers, Nexon is featuring the Enforcer role. “Whether you are a LAW or BREAKER, get your run n’ gun fix by playing Axel or Kintaro,” writes the studio. “[Kick] ass from afar with the Enforcer by using the rifle, get close by using the Badger shock pistol and finish off your foes with the shoulder-mounted BloodHound Launcher.”

Expect vids for the Assassin, Titan, and Vanguard over the next few weeks, but in the meantime, the Enforcer reel is below, and stay tuned for another round of alpha testing this weekend.

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WoW Factor: How to get ready for the Legion pre-patch

As of the time that I’m writing this, we don’t know when the Legion pre-patch will hit World of Warcraft. I had to double-check that; these days, I’m never sure any longer. You would think that wasn’t information that could somehow slip through my notice, but with the release schedule and announcements around this expansion, it could theoretically happen. You could almost believe that it would be sandwiched in there without fanfare.

But even if we don’t know exactly what’s going to happen, we have some idea. So now it’s time to start getting ready for the pre-path, getting all of our characters primed and ready for when the patch actually hits World of Warcraft. There might not be much new content with that pre-patch, but boy will there ever be a plethora of stuff to deal with just the same. So whenever it hits, let’s get ourselves all ready to go, and we’ll start with… shopping.

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The Daily Grind: So are you playing Overwatch?

Sure it’s not Project Titan, but Overwatch is the next big thing, and it’s well and truly sucked the air out of the room. My guildies might resurface in a month. Maybe. Plus, this was cute last night at go-time:

How about you folks? Are you playing? Is it taking away from your MMO time or supplementing nicely? How long exactly were your queues? What’s the consensus among the Massively OP commentariat?

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Overwatch’s launch day has arrived; here’s our giant roundup

Blizzard’s Overwatch, the shooty remains of what was once destined to be MMORPG Project Titan, formally launches tonight at midnight — if you’re in London, anyway. For those of us here in the US, we’re looking at go-times of 7 p.m. EDT at Massively OP’s HQ in Philly to 4 p.m. PDT over on the west coast where Blizzard is. If you’ve already preordered, you should probably go make sure you’re all downloaded and patched up because it’s launch day and nothing can go wrong. Right?

Let’s round up some cool Overwatch stories in the meantime!

The game isn’t out yet and there’s already a clone because of course there is. MMO Culture reports that a Chinese clone called Legend of Titan was shamelessly revealed for mobile at a con earlier this month.

Here’s a heartwarmer: The daughter of an Overwatch fan drew up a sketch of her own proposed Overwatch character, Birst, and her dad sent it off to Blizz for feedback… but epic Blizz artist Roman Kenney turned it into a real drawing. So Blizz, when can we play this new character?

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EVE Fanfest 2016: Andie Nordgren on EVE Online’s Citadel expansion launch and beyond

EVE Online‘s highly anticipated Citadel expansion has now launched, adding a whole new class of player-built structures to the game for corporations to build and smash to bits. The new citadels can be built anywhere in space, allowing players to plant their virtual flag and base of operations near stargates, NPC stations, asteroid belts, and other points of interest. Industrialists are currently scrambling to manufacture those first few citadels to sell on the open market for a massive profit, but when the dust settles the prices are expected to low enough that even small corporations will be able to afford their own citadels.

To put EVE’s largest alliances to the test, CCP has also added the Palatine Keepstar, a beefy x-large citadel with the interesting twist that only one can be built in EVE at a time. The Palatine Keepstar costs around 200 trillion ISK (15% of EVE’s total economic wealth) to build, which is around $3,000,000 to $4,000,000 worth of PLEX. We still have no idea whether the Palatine Keepstar will ever be built or what players will ultimately end up doing with standard citadels. This expansion is the first huge step toward Executive Producer Andie Nordgren’s future vision of deep space colonisation accessible to all players. The next step comes in the fall when players will get access to industrial structures and in winter when we get automated drilling platforms.

Read on for our interview from EVE Fanfest 2016 with EVE‘s Executive Producer Andie Nordgren on what comes next after the Citadel expansion.

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PAX East 2016: Hands-on with NCsoft’s Master x Master

Master x Master might very well be the MOBA that I learn to love in spite of any and all preconceptions.

I am not, categorically, a fan of MOBAs. This is not news. It’s not a moral stance of any sort; the genre, as a whole, just holds very little appeal. Master x Master had that to overcome right from the starting gate, along with the reality that the game’s very nature didn’t sound to appealing. A mascot-based MOBA based on NCsoft properties, most of which have very little resonance for me in the first place? I can live without that.

Walking away from the demo I had with the game, I’m humming an altogether different tune. The game actually exists in an odd hybrid space between MOBA gameplay, twin-stick shooters, and cooperative ARPG gameplay in more ways than one, and its “mascot” nature has been vastly overstated. What I’ve seen and played thus far is smart, fun, and almost everything I would have asked for from a genre that I normally don’t have much interest in.

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The Daily Grind: Will Blizzard ever make WoW 2?

On the heels of Blizzard’s announcement that World of Warcraft’s Legion expansion will arrive at the end of August, I saw several comments on blogs and even in my own guild’s chat wondering whether World of Warcraft 2 will ever happen. Some people are convinced Blizzard is already working on a WoW 2 in secret — which admittedly would account for the incredibly slow pace of WoW’s own development. Other people are convinced that Blizzard has all but abandoned the MMORPG space after its cancellation of Titan and re-engagement with other genres.

I’d like to think that Blizzard has a surprise up its sleeve, but I know better than to bet against the odds. What do you think? Will Blizzard ever make WoW 2?

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Overwatch posts McCree comic book, talks about its birth from Titan’s death

It’s going to be hard to escape Overwatch’s presence this spring as Blizzard’s multiplayer shooter revs up for release at the end of May. Part of the promotion for the superhero-themed game is coming in the form of digital comic books, the first of which you can read right now. This ten-page comic features the gunslinger McCree and an action sequence aboard (and on top of) a train.

For those more curious about the making of the game and its roots, Gamespot has posted the first part of a documentary about Overwatch’s creation. What’s interesting about it is that Blizzard talks candidly about its work on Titan and how that massive project ultimately failed — and led to the birth of Overwatch.

You can watch the 20-minute video after the break.

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