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Stop, woman, no crying.

The Division subtracts 30,000 cheaters from its playerbase

Cheaters are not wanted in The Division. They're not wanted in any game, really, but Ubisoft is taking a harder line against cheaters by...

The Division is gunning for a movie adaptation

Players sucked into the setting and narrative for The Division might be interested to know that Ubisoft is exploring the possibility of getting it made into...

The Division’s Conflict update and Clear Sky incursion are live

The Division's 1.2: Conflict update is live today, complete with the 4-man level 30 Clear Sky incursion, four new gear sets, new weapons, loot...
Foight foight foight!

The Division releases a trailer for its next free update, Conflict

The next free update for The Division is a big one. It brings in new gear and equipment for players to use, naturally, along...
Under the city.

A player enacts vigilante justice in The Division’s Dark Zone

The Dark Zone is not a nice place in The Division. It's not called the Kitten Cuddles and Sunshine Zone. There are, however, places...

The Division requisitions higher armor cap and new gear sets

While we don't know just yet when The Division's 1.2 update will be coming, when it does arrive it's going to be interesting. A summary...
Try try try.

Ubisoft says it’s heard Division players’ anger over cheating ‘loud and clear’

Ubisoft has addressed the ongoing cheating concerns in The Division with a blog post to players today. "We have great plans for the future...
Under the city.

The Division’s cheating plague may be a result of its bad network model, consultant argues

The Division just can't catch a break. Glenn Fiedler, a former lead network programmer for Sony and Respawn and current games tech consultant, says that...

The Division exploits send it ‘heading for catastrophe’

It's hard not to understate how bad the situation is in The Division right now. Over the last few weeks, stories and reports have...

One Shots: Jedi to the max

Are you all the Jedi you could possibly be? If not, then subscribe to our exclusive six-week course, where we'll teach you such advanced...
Shoot pile.

A new exploit hits The Division for unlimited damage

What's the ideal amount of DPS for a weapon in The Division? Higher numbers are better, definitely, but an endlessly climbing number probably seems...
Under the city.

The Division gives everyone free Phoenix Credits to compensate for glitches

Have you endured some glitches in The Division? The developers are aware of the issues, and they're working to fix them. By way of...
It's beginning to look a lot like QA should have been called earlier.

The Division’s Falcon Lost Incursion has a glitch, and players will be punished for exploiting it

There are going to be glitches when dealing with something as immense and complex as an online game. It's nearly inevitable. Things will not...

The Division encounters bugs with loot and characters after patch 1.1

Yesterday was patch day for The Division, meaning fans got to hurry to the game flush with excitement, eager to download the patch and...

One Shots: Farming at dawn

You people and your Black Desert fetish! Yes, the game is drop-dead gorgeous. Yes, it's the new hotness. Yes, you like sending in screenshots...

The Division nerfs crafting and boosts looting

People, you're not playing The Division right -- and Ubisoft is most displeased. Apparently too many players are pursuing crafting for their endgame gear...

The Division vows to crack down on cheaters

Cheating may not be as harsh as burning infected civilians alive in the The Division, but it nevertheless is hurting the game's environment. In a recent...
The Division

The Division’s Incursion update launches April 12 [Updated]

Update: A recap of the stream follows after the cut. This afternoon, Ubisoft will stream the first look at its next free update, Incursions, due...

One Shots: Tokyo sunrise

"I've been playing The Secret World for about three years now, but even after all this time, I'm still regularly stopped in my tracks...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 56: Ghillie nation

Justin and Bree discuss Black Desert, Marvel Heroes, The Division, VR, Landmark, Crowfall, EVE, and Tree of Savior, with mailbag questions on pay-to-win and Black Desert hype.