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The Division’s open beta confirmed for February 19

Last week's rumors of The Division's open beta have proven true, as Ubisoft has finally confirmed. "Whether you’re a veteran of the closed beta or...

The Division on endgame, player looting, and pay-to-win

The Division has plenty of PvE objectives to propel you through a doomed and decaying New York City, but a large part of Ubisoft's planned...
It's a mess out there.

The Division’s skills trailer might make your beta wait easier

Are you in Division withdrawal, as one YouTuber put it, while you wait for the rumored open beta later this month? Maybe this new...
Whether or not, etc.

The Division’s first legit player mods are graphics shaders

Put down your pitchforks, anti-damage-meters zealots: The first mods for The Division are for graphics, at least if you don't count the gameplay hacks...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 49: Marvel Heroes 2016 interview

Justin and Bree are joined by Marvel Heroes devs discuss Marvel Heroes 2016. We also talk The Repopulation's engine switch, The Division's beta, and business model shenanigans in RIFT, Trove, SWTOR, and The Secret World.

The Division extends beta test, plots open beta, grapples with rampant cheating

The good news? The Division is extending its weekend beta test for an additional day, allowing players to keep on exploring its fallen New...
More than you know.

Waitlisted for The Division’s beta? ‘Check back tomorrow,’ says Ubisoft

Were you assuming that handing over a stack of cash would secure your spot in The Division's beta this weekend? Well, that much is...
It's beginning to look a lot like QA should have been called earlier.

The Division plans three paid season pass expansions alongside free updates

Adding further hype to the multi-platform beta tests kicking off this weekend, Ubisoft has opened up on the company blog about The Division's post-launch...

Get ready for The Division’s weekend closed beta test

With little more than a month to go before its alleged March 8th release date, The Division needs to get some serious testing under...
Which is good, because we have to justify that Xbox One purchase somehow.

The Division’s DLC is definitely coming out for the Xbox One first

Back at E3 2014, future players were told that The Division would release DLC as timed exclusives for the Xbox One. Of course, back...
Shoot pile.

The Division’s new map, system reqs, and commitment to the PC

Want to see the map you'll be traversing when you leap into The Division next week? Great. Ubisoft has uploaded an interactive map to...

The Division will take up a chunk of your hard drive space

Looking to get into The Division's beta this month? Then you'll need to clear up a nice little chunk of hard drive space if...
More than you know.

You’re stuck in Manhattan for The Division’s launch

What's the best borough of New York City? If you said Queens, Brooklyn, or the Bronx (no one ever says Staten Island), you're going...

MMO Mechanics: MMORPG mechanics predictions for 2016

In the last edition of MMO Mechanics, I looked back on 2015 and the mechanics I managed to squeeze into the column: We looked...

The Division’s beta starts on January 28th

Rumors swirled earlier this week that The Division would start its beta testing this month; lo and behold, the rumors are true. Players can...

The Division’s beta will start this month… probably

Fans of the much-delayed title The Division can look forward to the beta test starting this month... probably. Maybe. The odds are high. Nothing...

Soak up new Division gameplay footage in leaked trailer

Update: Ubisoft has released the trailer now; it's included below. You don't have to speak Italian to appreciate the new gameplay footage for Tom Clancy's...

PSA: Pick up The Division in the Humble Weekly Bundle

You can pick up a copy of The Division's beta in this week's Humble Weekly Bundle. As of press time, the beta unlocks with...

The Division’s ARG wants you to scan your money to see how dirty it is

Do you want to know how much pee is on your money? The Division is here to help you find out. Cash Contagion, a new...

Perfect Ten: The MMORPGs to watch in 2016

A long time ago on another website far, far away, I held a tradition of kicking off the new year by listing the top...