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Massively OP’s 2015 Blooper Awards: Most Predictable MMO Delay

Massively OP's end-of-the-year awards continue today with our blooper award for Most Predictable MMO Delay. And the winner is... The Division The Division was unveiled at E3 in...

The Division’s RPG experience is all about the gear

If and when The Division releases, expect to find a game that's just as driven by its gear as, say, Destiny. In a brief...
Yes, yes it is.

MMO Year in Review: Daybreak’s downslide (February 2015)

December's many article roundups and awards always remind me that it's hard to remember what happened last month, let alone what happened way back...

The Daily Grind: What MMO is never ever gonna launch?

I have a bad feeling about some of the MMOs and pseudo-MMOs we have on the way in 2016. The Division? That thing has been...

The Division video shares player testimonies

Believe it or not, some players have actually gotten their hands on The Division, including those trying out the Xbox One alpha last week. Recently,...

The Division moves beta to next year, announces Xbox One alpha test this month

Time is definitely running out for Ubisoft to get The Division's promised beta test out this month. And in fact the studio has decided...

The Division gets a short customization vid

Being a fan of Tom Clancy's The Division will test your patience. The game was announced years ago, then it waffled as to whether...

Not So Massively: StarCraft II Legacy of the Void sold 1M copies in three days (November 16 2015)

Online gaming and e-sports are getting bigger by the day, and there are literally hundreds of popular online games out there that don’t really...
Try try try.

The Division gets a video community Q&A

Tom Clancy's The Division still isn't out yet. Ubisoft has released a video Q&A comprised of queries from the shooter's community, though. Topics cover...
Whether or not, etc.

The Division discusses the effects of weather and lighting

Weather can have a pretty big impact on your day-to-day life, even if it's just the difference between being stuck inside over the course...

The Division gets a Dark Zone story trailer

Earlier this week Ubisoft revealed a Dark Zone gameplay trailer for its forthcoming action shooter called The Division. This week, the firm released a story...
Under the city.

The Division’s new video outlines the basics of the Dark Zone

It wouldn't be fair to call The Division's endgame PvP-focused, but neither would it be fair to say that it's devoid of PvP. The...

The Division opens beta signups and pre-order beta access

After several delays, The Division is heading toward beta testing, and you can get in on it. The first beta test will be on...

Not So Massively: All the online gaming news from E3 2015

It's been a big week for online gaming, with several high-profile reveals and announcements made at E3 2015. The latest version of MOBA-esque space...
This is my surprised face.

E3 2015: The Division’s Dark Zone demo does the game no favors

After covering the development of Ubisoft's The Division since 2013, I finally got my hands on the game itself -- and its PvP -- at this...
Stop, woman, no crying.

The Division walks players through the Dark Zone in a new video

What's it like exploring the Dark Zone in The Division? It's a question asked by many people who know there is a zone which...

You can bounty hunt rogue agents in The Division

Looking for a fun place to vacation next year? We do not recommend The Division's Dark Zone, unless you find a lawless area of...
Which is good, because we have to justify that Xbox One purchase somehow.

E3 2015: The Division’s beta happens this winter, release in March [Updated]

If you're itching to beta test The Division, I hope you have Microsoft's latest console. Ubisoft announced that Xbox One owners will get an...
It's a mess out there.

Ubisoft delays The Division until Q1 2016

A couple of months ago, we reported that The Division was on track for a 2015 release. Not so fast, according to Ubisoft, which...
More than you know.

Ubisoft Annecy joins the many teams working on The Division

You remember The Division, right? We sort of do. It was supposed to be released... eventually. Was it supposed to be now? Meh, doesn't...