Official Site: Torchlight II
Studio: Runic Games
Launch Date: October 27, 2009
Genre: Fantasy OARPG
Business Model: B2P
Platform: PC, Mac, Xbox 360, Linux
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Massively OP Podcast Episode 279: New World in the new year

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Trying to!

Torchlight 2 will be free while Torchlight 3 reveals its end-game system and plans a wipe

Freebie alert! From July 16th through the 23rd, you can grab Torchlight 2 for free on the Epic Games Store. We shouldn't have to...

The Daily Grind: What’s your go-to MMO for quick gaming sessions?

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Torchlight III’s early access woes are explained with… zombies and rubber duckies

By now, you're probably aware that Torchlight III's early access was a smidge of a disaster. If it was a rocket launch, it would...

Torchlight III’s new mainline patch adds Act 3, contracts, new Lifebound mechanics, and Relic updates

How do you know when a game's patch is a hefty one? When it takes two different pages to cover everything that's in it....
Bad plans.

Global Chat: Too many shipwrecks in MMOs

In the vast annals of MMO tropes, there's one that has been in front of you all along and you've probably never noticed: shipwrecking...

Torchlight III schedules Act 3 and numerous fixes for June 30

Torchlight III may have had a bumpy early access launch this month, but Echtra Games is hoping to turn its fortunes around with next...

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Torchlight III acknowledges rocky launch, promises work toward act three and more

Not quite a week into the surprise early access launch of PWE's Torchlight III, Echtra Games' Max Schaefer has posted a developer messaging acknowledging,...

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Torchlight III’s surprise early access launch was tormented by server issues and poor reviews

Torchlight III surprise-launched into early access on Steam this past weekend in the middle of the PC Gaming Show, and it hasn't really gone...

Torchlight III wraps up its closed beta, will talk about its future this Friday

After a year of traveling through alpha and beta testing -- not to mention downgrading from an MMORPG to an online multiplayer format --...

Torchlight III patches in the Legendarium along with new Legendaries and balance changes to the alpha

The latest patch for Torchlight III's ongoing alpha test is downright legendary because it adds in the Legendarium for players to try out! This feature was...
Duck duck cast.

Torchlight 3’s Legendarium lets you use legendary item effects across your account without equipping the item

There's nothing worse than getting a cool Legendary in Torchlight 3 that you cannot use because it's a lower-level item and thus not terribly worthwhile....

Torchlight III makes big changes to skills and skill points in the latest beta update

Previously, if you wanted to get some fresh skills in Torchlight III, you had to spend skill points to open up the next tier...

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Torchlight III showcases the potential of forts in a video, patches in party crash fixes and more skill updates

Torchlight III (which I lovingly refer to as Torchums or Torchic or Torcherry Pie) is continuing to tout the fact that players can build...

Torchlight III expands localization and talks up the player housing fort feature

Good news for Spanish-speaking players of Torchlight III who would prefer to play in that language, as the game's most recent update has added...