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World of Warcraft gamers move 21B gold through the player economy every day

IT-centric Splunk's .conf is not generally an event we cover here on MOP, but the .conf20 edition held back in October had a presentation of...

Interview: CIG’s Jake Muehle on the player economy and doing crimes in the Star Citizen universe

We're zooming on toward CitizenCon tomorrow, when Cloud Imperium will deliver its annual live showcase of the state of Star Citizen - and drop...

The Daily Grind: Do MMO market undercutters grind your gears?

MOP's Carlo proposed this question for a Daily Grind run: Do MMO market undercutters annoy you? "I undercut the market so I can move...

Project C’s 2019 roadmap includes wildlife, customization, and commerce

Darewise is pushing ahead with its open world sci-fi MMO, and you are invited to join the journey -- at least mentally. The studio...
Time to poke on home.

Nintendo announces Pokemon Home as a central trading service with Pokemon Go

Have you caught them all in Pokemon Go? Quite possibly not, some of them are really hard to catch. But you'd probably like to keep the...

Wings Over Atreia: Aion’s abolished trading, and other foolish moves

So I really did not want to write a rant for Christmas week. No, I wanted -- nay, I planned -- a joyous column...
There appears to be a Pattern.

The Daily Grind: What MMO has frustrated you the most with trading restrictions?

There's a good reason why the rewards for the Doman Reconstruction in Final Fantasy XIV cannot be directly traded; specifically, it's so that players...
Tell me you DO something.

The Elder Scrolls Online clarifies that Crown Store items can be traded in-game

It might not seem like it would be something with many grey areas, but the crown store items in The Elder Scrolls Online bring...

The Daily Grind: How important is person-to-person trading in an MMORPG?

Earlier in May, Neowiz clarified that the western version of Bless Online, like Black Desert, would eschew player-to-player trading, sticking instead to just an...

The Daily Grind: Is player trading a make-or-break MMO feature for you?

MOP reader Xijit recently pointed us to a thread on Bless Online's Steam page where players are noting that person-to-person trading is not currently...
This guy, though... he didn't get it.

The Daily Grind: Have you ever engaged in an MMO price war?

One of my friends in Final Fantasy XIV is engaged in a perpetual trade war with another player who tries to drive her out...
This is fine, we're fine, are you fine? Everyone's fine.

No Man’s Sky offers new trailer on trade

What's better than re-watching old trailers while waiting for No Man’s Sky to launch on the PS4 in a little over two weeks? How...

EVE Evolved: How are citadels actually being used?

In the build-up to EVE Online's Citadel expansion, there was a great deal of speculation from both players and the EVE developers about how the...

The Stream Team: Black Desert’s welcome wagon

Trading on foot in Black Desert builds your strength, but it sure takes a long time to earn cash. When you start using a...

Xsyon’s trade update is now live

Xsyon players are enjoying their second major update this month, thanks to the recent trade patch, which follows on the heels of the architecture...
Lost Continent - ArcheAge hero tractor

Lost Continent: In which we race ArcheAge tractors for money

So ArcheAge got five additional levels and a dungeon called The Library this week. To which I say, whoop-tee-funking-doo! Don't get me wrong --...