transmedia synergy

MapleStory announces spirited collabrotation with K-Pop band BTS

I'm starting to gradually come to accept that my age, ethnicity, and lack of singing talent means that my chances of being recruited for...

PUBG Mobile hosts K-pop group BLACKPINK in a special ‘Fun Match’ collab broadcast

For readers who happen to be fans of both PUBG Mobile and the K-pop group BLACKPINK, this morning is going to be a good...

Roblox is hosting a Lil Nas X concert series in-game this weekend

Korn. BLACKPINK. Travis Scott. Breaking Benjamin. BTS. Alice in Chains. And now, Lil Nas X, if ROBLOX has anything to say about it. Yes, the...

Halloween festivities in GTAO, MapleStory, Aion, and Star Stable, plus a Halloween makeup collab in Elvenar

We'll have our complete Halloween roundup ready next week, but in the meantime, we have some spoopy events you might not want to miss...

World of Tanks Blitz and Korn join forces for a music video, an event, and new game mode

The band Korn is becoming no stranger to seemingly random video game collabs. The latest comes from World of Tanks Blitz, which sees the...

Phantasy Star Online 2 collaborates to sell NieR: Automata packs

Have you ever been playing one game and felt that it could be improved by importing characters and looks from a completely different franchise?...

SMITE introduces the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as unique character skins in an upcoming battle pass

With the wild success of the Avatar and Korra battle pass, it's perhaps unsurprising that SMITE is going to try and pull the same...
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World of Warships enters into a crossover with Transformers for unique skins and voices

It's time for Transformers to cross over with World of Warships, and that means... ship skins. Like, seriously, that's the thing. You might think...

This week’s Black Desert update is Cursed, literally, as the Netflix collab begins

Cursed by Netflix transmedia synergy, that is! Yes, as promised, the Netflix fantasy series Cursed has a big crossover with the Black Desert franchise...

Black Desert offers free play event ahead of transmedia synergy collab with Netflix’s Cursed

So here's one I did not expect to see in my inbox this morning: Pearl Abyss has apparently teamed up with Netflix for a...

SMITE introduces new character skins from Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra

It appears that the developers of SMITE are continuing to reach into the well of fiction for additions to the game. Starting in July,...

World of Warships brings Warhammer 40K ship bundles to the game

Sure, World of Warships is all about being true to history, but history doesn't have enough hyper-gothic futurist style to it. That problem is...

Fortnite follows up the newest Tenet trailer with a full Christopher Nolan film this summer

It seems relatively obvious based on recent events that Fortnite has very little interest in being a video game at this point. Being a virtual...

Hearthstone welcomes Demon Hunters and sips from Carl’s Jr. cups

Whether or not you are prepared for it, Hearthstone: Ashes of Outland has arrived. The latest expansion set for the digital card game brings...

Hearthstone previews Ashes of Outland, dispenses special drink cups in Hardee’s promo

The Ashes of Outland expansion is fast approaching Hearthstone and Blizzard is looking to drum up the hype with the help of a freshly...

There’s a limited-edition MapleStory Pink Bean chair available now because why not

The world is so weird right now that the new MapleStory promotion almost feels like it's perfectly normal. You can buy a limited-edition MapleStory Pink Bean...

Roblox gets timey-wimey with Doctor Who cross-promo

I'm not actually sure how much overlap between the audiences of Roblox and Doctor Who fandom there really is, but maybe that's the point...

Phantasy Star Online 2 gets its transmedia synergy on with a Sonic-themed founder pack

Hey, you said you wanted more transmedia synergy in your MMOs, probably, so here it is: Phantasy Star Online 2 just announced a Sonic...

Fortnite adds Harley Quinn bundle and challenges with Birds of Prey movie tie-in

It looks as if DC Universe Online isn't the only online game getting its transmedia synergy on with the upcoming Birds of Prey film...

Star Citizen SOCS socks promise to revolutionize foot warming in the first quarter of 2020

You can wear your heart on your sleeve regarding Star Citizen, but everyone kind of expects that. What you really want to do is...