trion worlds

Studio known to MMO players for games like RIFT, Defiance, Trove, and Devilian.

Trove begins testing 5v5 battle arena

Not everyone gets along all of the time, even in Trove. And Trion Worlds wants to let players know that it's OK to have...

Defiance celebrates Thanksgiving by shooting turkeys out of a gun

Defiance's world is quite changed from our own, so it's to be expected that Thanksgiving there has morphed into something a little crazier than...

WoW, FFXIV, RIFT, and GW2 players gather to mourn Paris

Final Fantasy XIV players and gamemasters on the Balmung server tonight gathered for a vigil to honor the victims of today's attacks in Paris. "Balmung...

Raise your own pet through ArcheAge’s Pawesome Autumn Adoption Festival

Beginning this weekend, you can participate in one of the more unusual MMORPG events we've seen in a while: ArcheAge's Pawesome Autumn Adoption Festival...
The boogie, for instance.

What to do in RIFT when you’re level 65

So you've reached level 65 in RIFT, and as in any MMO, reaching that level means there's nothing else in the game for you to...

Trove releases the ‘raving’ Revenant

Trove's latest class has hit the scene, and it is pure metal. The Revenant is a heavy armor-wearing fighter that uses spirit attacks to...

Are gamers too cheap for VR?

A new report by research firm GreenlightVR says that only 11 percent of people are willing to pay the projected $1000 entry fee to get...

Devilian’s third CBT starts Thursday as devs show off game highlights

Devilian's closed beta events are flying by, with a third planned to run from Thursday, November 12th through Monday, November 16th. The CBT is...

PC maker offers MMO-related deals

Need a new PC? You might want to check out Origin. No, not that Origin, but Miami-based PC maker Origin. The firm is running...

Devilian begins selling early access packs

Even in a free-to-play game, money talks, which is probably why Trion has begun selling Devilian selling early access packs to the community. The packs, which cost $20,...

The Secret World and ARK get behind Extra Life

Gaming communities across the globe are throwing their support behind Extra Life, the 24-hour gaming marathon designed to raise money for Children's Network Miracle...

BlizzCon didn’t forget about Diablo III: Patch 2.4 is on the way ‘very, very, very soon’

Diablo III barely got a nod during BlizzCon's 2015 opening ceremonies, but its panel this evening proved Blizzard has plenty in store for the...

Trove announces the Revenant class

It's the bloodiest (and blockiest) knight you'll ever see in an MMO: the Revenant. Trove announced its newest class in a post today, saying that...

Get some Trove and Devilian goodies in this week’s Humble Bundle

It looks as though Trion Worlds has thrown in with Humble Bundle's Extra Life promotion, as both Devilian and Trove have made appearances in...

World of Fishing is now in open beta

I like to fish in MMOs. Which is strange because I don't much like to fish in meatspace. My favorite MMO fishing mechanics were in...
You absolutely need this, apparently.

Trove plans database overhaul to correct for game downtime

At the risk of being presumptuous, we think it's a fair statement that most people who enjoy playing online games prefer being able to...

Battle Bards podcast listens to MMO character creation music

Battle Bards, the world’s first and only MMO music podcast, returns to listen to the oft-neglected character creation themes. What music do composers create for...

Jukebox Heroes: An MMO Halloween playlist

Halloween is upon us, that spooky and magical time of year that exists both in real life and in many of our MMOs. While...
You hack at whatever, I'll just fly along with the power of deities.

Trove improves its refer-a-friend program

Online games are just plain better with friends. Trove aims to make it a little easier to get your friends into the game with...

New Atlas Reactor vid explains the basics

Trion's team tactics game Atlas Reactor has a new video as of tonight. It's a two-minute preview that explains how each turn begins with...