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The Daily Grind: Are there MMO starting zones you always avoid?

While some MMOs only offer you a single standard beginning zone from which to launch your legend, there are plenty that give players a...

Trove’s environmentally conscious Trovin’ and Grovin’ event sees players plant over 800K in-game trees

Regular readers will know that Gamigo has used Trove as a platform to draw attention to and help out reforestation efforts, namely with a...

The Stream Team: Basking in the Trove Sunrise and the new Solarian class

There's a new class in the boxy world of Trove and that's reason enough for MOP's Chris to return to the game and see...
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ArcheAge adjusts hero missions and conflict times as XLGames secures a trademark for ArcheWar

There's a little something for the present and future prospects of ArcheAge in this news post. We'll start with the present state of affairs,...

RIFT’s Summerfest events return today through July 26th

While the remaining RIFT players gaze nervously at Gamigo's dwindling gaming stables, Gamigo has been tossing them a snack in the form of annual...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 379: Dinosaurs and Dragonflight

Justin and Bree discuss DDO's Isle of Dread, WoW Dragonflight, WoW Classic WOTLK, LOTRO, ArcheAge, No Man's Sky, and Trove, with adventures in LOTRO, SWG Leegends, and New World, plus mailbag topics on Horizons/Istaria and cool musical moments in MMOs.

Black Desert Mobile readies for its Heidel Ball as it brings a new region and PvPvE content in latest update

Players of Black Desert Mobile have a couple of important things to bear in mind for their favorite mobile MMORPG. First off, the Heidel...

Trove’s Sunrise update is live today with the new Solarion class and Sundered Uplands biome

Gamigo announced a big update for its flagship MMORPG Trove last week, and as of today, it's already here. Lead time is overrated! Sunrise is...
We're going to ignore the ArcheWorld thing for the moment, please and thank you.

Snag an ArcheAge or ArcheAge Unchained Black Eagle Glider to celebrate Great Prairie’s launch

ArcheAge players currently dipping a toe into the Great Prairie of the West update - or considering doing so - are in for a...

ArcheAge’s Great Prairie of the West update is live for western players

Kakao and XLGAMES have dropped a whopper of a patch on ArcheAge players today as the Great Prairie of the West is live. As...

Gamigo announces new Trove class and biome in Sunrise update launching June 28

Just this week on the podcast, we expressed some concern over the state of Gamigo and its MMOs, concern that has been mounting as...

Interview: ArcheAge’s Ham Young Jin on the Great Prairie, the western build, and beyond

ArcheAge is on the cusp of a big update this week as the Great Prairie releases on June 23rd, bringing with it a huge...

The MOP Up: Elder Scrolls Online answers High Isle lore queries

The release of Elder Scrolls Online's High Isle this month brought a whole lot of additional story and lore into the game -- and...

Black Desert PC revamped the Balenos region and quest in this week’s update

Black Desert's big PC this week went live yesterday, and at the heart of the release is a renewal for the Balenos core questline...
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ArcheAge issues new plan for auction house merge on some servers

Players may have forgotten all about ArcheAge's big auction house merge with all the Great Prairie of the West news, but the merge did...

ArcheAge offers a ‘deep dive’ into this month’s Great Prairie update

With the Great Prairie update on the way this June 23rd, perhaps the perfect opportunity to spend some time touring around ArcheAge. Kakao is...
We're going to ignore the ArcheWorld thing for the moment, please and thank you.

ArcheAge announces Great Prairie of the West update for June 23

Kakao dropped a big preview for ArcheAge today, homing in on the game's impending Great Prairie of the West update that will constitute its...

Perfect Ten: 10 things you can spend money on instead of Diablo Immortal

So how about that Diablo Immortal eh? Sure is a lot of "weeping and gnashing of teeth" surrounding its release, huh? But hey, it's for a...
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ArcheAge’s auction house is offline until Thursday for the big merge

If you're an auctioneer type of player in Kakao's ArcheAge, you're in a bit of limbo right now. That's because the studio has taken...
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Diablo Immortal players estimate being fully geared up will cost $110,000 in microtransactions

When Diablo Immortal launched on mobile and PC last week, it did so with some truly rancorous levels of microtransaction nonsense, but perhaps most...