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The Stream Team: A quick visit to Uncharted Waters Online for a little comparison voyage

Last week, MOP's Chris hopped aboard a ship to take a look at Uncharted Waters Origin, so now it only stands to reason that...

The Stream Team: Sailing the uncharted waters of Uncharted Waters Origin

What awaits on the horizon of the newly released Uncharted Waters Origin? Who knows! That's what MOP's intrepid digital sailor Chris is going to...

Uncharted Waters Origin debuts on PC and mobile devices, runs afoul of gamers thanks to gacha monetization

Today marks the day when the latest entry in the Uncharted Waters franchise releases its next global title. Uncharted Waters Origin has officially arrived...

Here are some of the multiplayer, MMO, and MMORPG demos of February 2023’s Steam Next Fest

The Steam Next Fest is underway, making it a fine time to perhaps try something a little new or unexpected. If you're looking to...

Uncharted Waters Origin opens up for global pre-registration ahead of its PC and mobile launch

Back in September 2020 we first reported on Uncharted Waters Origin, an upcoming PC and mobile MMO that's tied to the 30 year-old Uncharted...
Patch, patch, patch.

Betawatch: Craftopia is doing the difficult Early Access work

There's kind of a pall around early access games, mostly because a lot of them launch into early access and then faff about pointlessly. But Craftopia...

Uncharted Waters Origin is an Age of Sail PC and mobile MMO entering closed beta later this year

So this one had me diving in to the rabbit hole of Uncharted Waters, a Japanese game series from Koei Tecmo Games set in...