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Blade & Soul’s Unreal Engine 4 upgrade is coming this year in spite of Frontier World’s cancelation

We've updated this article at the end with a big update  - the original story follows. If you were excited about the Unreal Engine 4...

Korean casual mobile game dev Game Tales plans on creating a large-scale PC and a mobile MMORPG using UE5

As the promise of Unreal Engine 5's capabilities start to sink in, our little part of the gaming world is seeing perhaps the first...
Must we?

Fortnite confirms next-gen ports and cross-progression as Epic demos UE5

You know it's a new-gen console year when every game in town is making big promises about longevity, and Epic Games' Fortnite reveals today...
No, you're thinking of a guy with two knives.

Check out footage of Blade & Soul’s upcoming Unreal Engine 4 client from the Korean server

It's a well-known fact that Blade & Soul is getting an engine upgrade to Unreal Engine 4. How much will that actually do for the...

Epic Games releases the Paragon assets for free use in Unreal Engine 4 development

It's interesting to learn that the art and animations for Paragon cost Epic Games $12 million, all told. How do we know that? Well......

Ashes of Creation’s art will tell a story

To focus more on building a game and not wrestling with tools, the Ashes of Creation team has been working with the Unreal Engine...

Icarus Online goes mobile with Icarus M

While we just recently got Riders of Icarus here in the west, players have been enjoying Icarus Online in the east for a couple...
What if WoW looked like everything else.

Check out a fan-made recreation of World of Warcraft’s Duskwood in Unreal Engine 4

A lot of graphical improvements have happened for World of Warcraft over the years, but the game is still using the same fundamental graphical...

Eternal Crusade loses creative director, plans closed alpha sooner than expected

Eternal Crusade has reported that another one of its team has fallen on the field of development battle, as Creative Director David Ghozland announced...
If at first you don't succeed, etc.

ArcheAge mobile game will use Unreal Engine 4

Remember ArcheVille? No, probably not; it was an ArcheAge mobile game that was shut down rather quickly back in 2013. The important thing is...

Eternal Crusade upgrades to Unreal Engine 4

Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade is about to start looking a whole lot more attractive when you oogle its screenshots. This is because Behaviour Interactive...

Land of Britain takes you through a leprechaun dungeon

Following its conversion to the Unreal Engine 4, Land of Britain is champing at the bit to show off its fantastic new visuals. To...

Land of Britain shows off new UE4 screenshots

Wondering why the Land of Britain developers have gone quiet? Probably not, as we hadn't covered the title before today. Regardless, we have an...

Revival is launching player housing this month

After October, February seems perfect to tap into the dark, terrible nightmares of gaming. Why? Because you just know some elder god ate those...