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It was a different time.

World of Warcraft datamining points to new WoW Token use in patch 7.1.5

Do you remember BlizzCon 2016? It was just a couple of weeks ago, surely you do. One of the topics on discussion was letting...
All the new mistakes.

Overwatch has two new heroes in development and more character adjustments planned

What's next for Overwatch? Well, not a version of Symmetra that heals, that's for darn sure. The latest video featuring director Jeff Kaplan covers...

Final Fantasy XIV updates players on tomestone changes

There's a new patch on the way for Final Fantasy XIV, and if you've been around for previous patches you know that means you're...
I have to chop SO MUCH right now.

Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 3.4 arrives on September 27th

The third anniversary of Final Fantasy XIV's relaunch hit over the weekend, and the game's development team took the opportunity to celebrate... by talking...
Play ALL the people.

WildStar makes plans to become more alt-friendly

Alternate characters can be important in MMOs. If you're playing a game that doesn't allow for swapping classes, it's a chance to try out...
There are places I remember

Meet RIFT’s Maelstrom, complete with awesome shark-head

If anyone ever asks you what the best soul in RIFT might be, you now know that the answer is the Maelstrom. Is any...
Not part of Fable or Fables, despite the name.

The truth about fabled zones will change the way you play EverQuest II

If you have fond memories of the Ruins of Varsoon in EverQuest II, get ready to relive them, because that region is getting the...
Well, whose fault is that?

Star Wars: The Old Republic is launching the next story chapter on March 10th

With the tenth chapter of Knights of the Fallen Empire available to players of Star Wars: The Old Republic, the question on every player's...

Armored Warfare producer shares plans for the game in 2016

The most recent letter from Armored Warfare's producer specifies that the game is still one with great potential. It's not a negative letter by...
Shirts are for the less-divine among us.

Skyforge’s Journey of the Divine patch rolls out

The Journey of the Divine patch is live in Skyforge today, heraldingĀ several new game systems: Invasion Avatars - The deadly Avatars of invading alien gods...
Seriously have a lot of ships, wow.

Star Trek Online outlines the basics of the Admirality system

Veterans of Star Trek Online have inevitably made use of many, many different ships over the course of the game's lifespan. You get ships...
Less exploratory than I might have thought.

Wisdom of Nym: Coordination, aetherial gear, and Final Fantasy XIV’s next patch

How many times a day do you think about aetherial gear in Final Fantasy XIV? If the answer is more than "zero," I'm honestly...
Oh dear.

TERA is revamping its starting experience

After three years of operation in North America, TERA is overdue for a new starting experience. The most recent producer's letter for the game...
That's not a doll, guy.

Final Fantasy XI releasing high-level remixes of classic battles with its next update

The final update for Final Fantasy XI is due out in November, but there's life in the game yet before that happens, and there...
If at first you don't succeed, alter the timeline.

Star Trek Online: Heading for a New Dawn

The last major arc in Star Trek Online meant saying goodbye to the Iconican threat that had been looming in the background of the...
All options are temporary.

Final Fantasy XIV’s anniversary broadcast reveals plenty of content for patch 3.1

Back on April 1st of this year, the developers behind Final Fantasy XIV made a joke about developing a strategy game in which you...
Barfalo Wild Wings.

World of Warcraft’s 6.2.2 patch brings flying to Draenor on September 1st [Updated]

At long last, we have a definitive answer to the question of when flying will (probably) come to World of Warcraft's latest expansion: September...
Three nutjobs are better than one.

Wakfu explains Companies and the foundations behind its new Hero system

Why control just one character when you can control three? That's the core of Wakfu's new Heroes system, and the latest development blog explains...
The jokes write themselves some days.

Age of Conan developers working on panoramas and achievements

What is best in life? Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Stop mid-crush and realize that you're in a really pretty area....
It's the economy, stupid!

WildStar contract, wardrobe, and minipet patch hits the test realms

Ready to enjoy the wonders of an improved wardrobe system, the Contract mechanics, and an array of minipets in WildStar? The game's next major...