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The Daily Grind: What upcoming MMO do you want to be good, even if it might not be?

I'm excited about Peria Chronicles. This is not a secret. I'm also excited for Caravan Stories. And yet in both cases these games could be awful, and...
What even is this any more.

Bless Online team promises that the game is coming to early access ‘as soon as possible’

The whole saga of development for Bless Online has been a lot of false starts and half-launches (the short version is that the game...
Why do you build me up, Buttercup, baby, just to let me down and mess me around?

NCsoft is hiring for a new shooter project

If you were kind of sad when NCsoft shut down development on Project HON back in March, today's news is going to hit you...
Rank 17! I am SO important to the world!

Overwatch designer Geoff Goodman on characters, balancing, and community maps

The experience of developing Overwatch is very different from that of other Blizzard games; it's a new IP for the company, and it's a...
We say that the world isn't dying. For some reason.

ECO shows off its development progress as it heads toward alpha

ECO isn't ready for testing just yet, but Strange Loop Games is aiming to change that by the time the end of the month rolls...
Uh, no.

The Daily Grind: Are you hopeful about crowdfunded MMOs?

A few years back, we were all discussing the frankly dizzying amounts of money going into crowdfunding MMOs. Speculation ran rampant that this was...