Final Fantasy XIV posts its preliminary patch notes for Gods Revel, Lands Tremble

The date has almost arrived for Final Fantasy XIV's first major patch of the year, and that means it's time for the traditional preliminary...

Waven continues hotfixes and improvements in its closed alpha with delayed English notes

Salut, mes copains! Comment ca va aujourd'hui? We really hope that sentence made sense to you, otherwise trying to figure out what's been changed...

Final Fantasy XIV updates its preview site for Gods Revel, Lands Tremble with more content

With Final Fantasy XIV's next major patch just around the corner, the game's special site for the update has been expanded to cover things...
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Final Fantasy XI previews its January update with more Voracious Resurgence

The Voracious Resurgence arc in Final Fantasy XI is nearing its climax, with chapter 10 of the story coming out with the game's next...
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Blade and Soul prepares to celebrate its seventh anniversary on January 11

It's been a seven-year ride for Blade and Soul since it launched in the West, a ride filled with skimpy costumes, extremely shiny skin,...

Here’s how items, mounts, and weapons are designed and implemented in Final Fantasy XIV

Every item you see in Final Fantasy XIV - every weapon your character equips, every mount you ride on, every minion you get to...
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Albion Online looks back at an eventful 2022 before 2023 arrives

Ah, memories of 2022. Remember that time when Albion Online gave you a gigantic bunny mount if you put in the work required to...
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Final Fantasy XIV posts dates and buyer restrictions for new housing wards coming with patch 6.3

The next major update for Final Fantasy XIV will see a half-dozen wards added to every housing district in the game for every server;...
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Final Fantasy XIV launches Gods Revel, Lands Tremble on January 10

Today was the latest Final Fantasy XIV live letter, and that means that fans now have a release date and trailer for patch 6.3,...
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World of Warcraft posts a roadmap and breakdown of its plans for 2023

It's impossible. Inconceivable. Unlikely. But it has actually happened. World of Warcraft has actually posted... a roadmap. Granted, said roadmap isn't filled with actual...

Final Fantasy XIV prepares for its Live Letter on Friday and a symphonic album sale next year

If you can't wait for more information regarding Final Fantasy XIV's next patch, you won't have to wait much longer; the game's next live...
Up (to) date.

Genfanad adds a new quest, new enemies, and new balance fixes

Please be advised that if you collect action figures, you are collecting dolls. Does this mean that you should put your Batman figures, Transformers,...
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World of Warcraft takes a nerf hammer to Mythic dungeons while preparing for dungeon and arena invitationals

The weekly reset has returned in World of Warcraft, and that means that players going through Mythic+ keystones and raids have plenty to do....
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Final Fantasy XIV will turn house demolition back on next year

Normally, there's a system of house demolition in Final Fantasy XIV so players who do not visit their houses for an extended period of...

Final Fantasy XIV launches its special site for Gods Revel, Lands Tremble

The next patch for Final Fantasy XIV will be arriving at some point next month, although the exact date isn't known just yet. But...

Final Fantasy XI’s December update is here along with a discount and return campaign

The bad news for Final Fantasy XI players is that the story content originally planned for this version update was delayed until January 2023,...
It crawl.

World of Warcraft launches Season 1 of Dragonflight’s endgame today

If you've been enjoying the lack of pressure to get in on weekly clears and such in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight thus far... well,...

Final Fantasy XIV’s second live letter for patch 6.3 airs on December 23

You'll probably be gearing up for some winter holiday antics on December 23rd, but Final Fantasy XIV is gearing up for one last information...
It's time for THROAT PUNCH, BABY

Star Wars: The Old Republic previews its 7.2 PvP changes with season objectives, reward tracks, and no more ranked queue

The nature of PvP in Star Wars: The Old Republic is changing when patch 7.2 arrives. No, not the part where you fight people...
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Fractured Online awakens the guardians of nature with its latest update adding Primal Forms

For too long - meaning "since the early access stage of Fractured Online began" in this case - Wildfolk have had to deal with...