updatessss with four uses of s that’s how much of an update it is

That’s more uses of S than you usually see.

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis’ ‘major’ Sandstorm Requiem content update is live today

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis now have something new to do beyond spend AC on Scratch Tickets. Yesterday saw the game's sizeable Sandstorm...

Black Desert marks two years on mobile, tweaks a summon scroll on PC, adds Valencia Node and Conquest Wars on console

Once again, Black Desert is awash with news for the week across every version, so we'll cut this lede short and dive right in....

Old School RuneScape brings the shared pain as Group Ironman is now online

Misery loves company, or so the axiom goes, and now fans of Old School RuneScape will get to put that saying to the test...

Path of Exile releases patch notes, passive tree data, and item filter information for the Ultimatum update

While the Ultimatum League for Path of Exile is still two days away from arriving to PC players, the folks at Grinding Gear Games...

SMITE releases new Conquest map, new battle pass, and new tutorials with the launch of Season 8

Goodbye creepy Sleeper purple, hello resplendent Tiamat marble. It's the start of Season 8 in SMITE, which has brought along with it a fresh...

Old School RuneScape refines Soul Wars and releases Ironman versions of God Wars dungeon generals

This week in Old School RuneScape is all about Soul Wars and God Wars. More specifically, it's about making the Soul Wars content more...
allors en danse

Blade & Soul kicks off its anniversary event with today’s patch

It's time to celebrate five years of Blade & Soul today with the latest patch, and you know what that means: events. The events kicking off...
Time for a few small repairs.

Final Fantasy XIV launches the last piece of Ishgard Restoration with patch 5.41

If you've been waiting for new battle content in Final Fantasy XIV, you're going to have to keep waiting past patch 5.41. That has launched...