Global Chat: Pokemon GO mania sweeps the world

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Hyperspace Beacon: Wild speculation about SWTOR’s Knights of the Eternal Throne

Who else was disappointed by the Star Wars: The Old Republic presentation at Star Wars Celebration over the weekend? I had really hoped...

World of Warcraft thieves are using a new chat script to scam players out of gold

World of Warcraft players beware: There's a new scam going on that requires a little bit of gullibility and action on the part...

Massively Overthinking: What’s never going to happen in your favorite MMO?

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Nostalrius team releases vanilla World of Warcraft survey summary

The Nostalrius team's journey to Blizzard and back may be complete, but the details are still coming forth from the large player...

Nostalrius team believes Blizzard ‘want[s] to have legacy WoW servers’

The World of Warcraft vanilla emulator team Nostalrius, which undertook a mission into the depths of Blizzard's HQ this past weekend,...

Global Chat: Is casual raiding important for MMOs?

When it comes to the subject of raiding, one might get the impression that there are only two factions involved: those who are hardcore...

Mark Kern says Blizzard took his vanilla WoW petition meeting ‘very seriously’

Mark Kern, who this weekend went to Blizzard's campus armed with the printed vanilla World of Warcraft server petition, has returned...

Nostalrius heads to Blizzard in June

Blizzard's promise to meet with the team behind vanilla World of Warcraft emulator Nostalrius was more than just lip service; the amateur...

Nostalrius team surveys community about a World of Warcraft legacy ruleset

As we've been reporting, the team from the shuttered Nostalrius World of Warcraft emulator has been appointed as "ambassadors" of a sort...

Leaderboard: What must a classic WoW server have to make you play it?

Word yesterday that Blizzard has invited the "progressive vanilla" Nostalrius emulator team to Blizz HQ, presumably to discuss World of Warcraft and...

Nostalrius admins to meet with WoW execs

Earlier this week, Blizzard responded to calls for a vanilla World of Warcraft server by suggesting it wouldn't do a vanilla server but...
Was this the longest?

The Daily Grind: Would you play Blizzard’s idea of a ‘pristine’ WoW server?

Yesterday's big news in the ongoing Nostalrius saga was a message from Blizzard's J. Allen Brack, who suggested to players that in lieu...

Darkfall reboot is a go, starts audit of vanilla code

You might recall that last October we reported that a group of Darkfall players had formed their own studio for the purpose...