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Venus Rising is in beta, plans for launch later this year

Venus Rising is open. No, not just in the sense that it allows you to do a whole lot to other characters, although that’s true too; its main selling point is that you can live as an ancient Roman and engaged in the activities usually covered by a fade-to-black and tasteful string music in other media. We mean that it’s open to the public, as the game is allowing a limited number of players in to test out its quests, achievements, and progression systems. Both in and out of the bedroom.

The first beta test will be hosting a small pool of 500 people, but FoxySoft is aiming for a full free-to-play release later this year. Players will be able to subscribe for $10 a month to unlock a variety of features. If you’re interested, you should be forewarned that beta applications are accepted only from players who are over 18 because… well, you get the idea about the game by now.

Source: FoxySoft press release


Working As Intended: Sex, love, and MMOs

In the ongoing, neverending sandbox-vs.-themepark MMO debate, the folks on the side of sandboxes want one thing: more. Actually they want a lot more. They want more to do, more to see, more to experience. They aren’t content with linear, level-based, content-poor design tracks scrambling to be the next floundering WoW-killer. They definitely want more than just another online murder simulator. They want to cook and dance and explore and smelt and fish and argue and build and teach and fly and age and discover.

But there’s one thing almost no sandbox junkie asks for.

Almost no one asks for sex.

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