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World Health Organization’s gaming disorder classification causes discord within South Korean government

The World Health Organization's recent decision to recognize gaming disorder as a mental health issue in the most recent revision of its International Classification...

MMO OrbusVR has launched on the brand-new wireless Oculus Quest

Has the virtual reality revolution taken hold yet? It could well be the final frontier for MMORPGs, but to date, we haven't seen much...

The MOP Up: Dauntless’ forums are down for a month as the game goes offline until Tuesday

No doubt that you have heard about Dauntless' launch on Tuesday, May 21st. And while that marks a new beginning for the monster hunting...

Massively Overthinking: Unpopular MMORPG opinions

Unpopular opinions: We all have them. In fact we have so many that it's a straight up meme. This week's Massively Overthinking is one...

OrbusVR Reborn launches on April 23, will be an Oculus Quest launch title

You know, the MMORPG genre doesn't really get many virtual reality games, which is a shame - who doesn't want the holodeck? But there...
Llook out, Llary! It's the llandlllord!

Massively Overpowered feature patch notes for April Oneth

Here at Massively Overpowered, we're always doing our best to make use of our staff's particular talents. We make sure to have Justin saying...

No Man’s Sky Beyond will include free virtual reality support this summer

Earlier this month, we learned that Hello Games still has huge ambitions for No Man's Sky; it's planning to turn the game into a...

OrbusVR: Reborn previews new dungeons and talent tweaks ahead of final beta test

The folks at OrbusVR have been hard at work since they announced the game's first major expansion/complete overhaul, OrbusVR: Reborn, back in August of...

The people best able to afford VR have the least interest in the gaming associated with VR adoption

Well, here's a fun one. Research firm Quantic Foundry took a look at the statistical breakdown for surveys about VR purchase plans and existing VR...

Kickstarted MMO OrbusVR: Reborn is launching out of early access in April

It's happening, folks: Virtual reality MMO OrbusVR: Reborn is planning to launch out of early access in April of this year. The voxel-based title...

Massively Overthinking: What would you want out of a World of Warcraft 2?

Let's pretend for a moment that the reason Blizzard appears to be dropping the ball with World of Warcraft right now is that it's...

The Survivalist: Seven survival game features I want to see in 2019

A new year is all about new hopes, new goals, and -- hopefully -- new features and content. I am talking about games, of...

The MOP Up: Star Trek Online’s Battle at the Binary Stars heats up

Star Trek Online has a serious crush on Discovery right now -- and why not, since the show has propeled the franchise back into...

Steam lists Elder Scrolls Online, Black Desert, and Warframe among 2018’s best sellers

While not technically an awards show, Steam's "Best of 2018" page effectively serves as one as it looks at the best-selling and most-played titles...

The MOP Up: Hytale takes a deeper approach to the Minecraft genre

Have you heard of Hytale? If you're a fan of the Trove or Minecraft school of sandbox design, then it definitely bears further investigation....

The MOP Up: Dark Age of Camelot allows name, gender, and race changes

Dark Age of Camelot is testing its next major patch, and it has a major surprise in store for its playerbase. "Patch 1.125 is chock...

Global Chat: Does Guild Wars 2’s newest episode reach for the stars?

Guild Wars 2's newest living world episode seems to be grabbing the MMO community's attention in a way that the season so far hasn't....

Secret World Legends has launched its new Occult Defense scenario

Secret World Legends' latest content drop is here and live, Funcom tweeted this morning. We're talking, of course, about the new scenario, Occult Defence,...

Sunsoft’s virtual reality MOBA, Dark Eclipse, launches for PlayStation VR September 25

Japanese developer Sunsoft has this morning announced the impending global release of Dark Eclipse, a brand-new free-to-play MOBA, with a twist: It's being billed as...

DragonCon 2018: Camelot Unchained’s Mark Jacobs on VR, battle royale, and more

"It’s about time." Those are not my words referring to the current development status of Camelot Unchained. No, those came directly from the mouth...