Valorant’s voice recording features arrive to NA on July 13 but won’t be used to fight toxicity – for now

Last May, Riot Games confirmed that Valorant would begin recording portions of in-game voice comms for the purposes of fighting back against toxic behavior....
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ToxMod is a new moderation tool that recognizes and reports voice chat hate speech in real-time

Moderating a game's text chat isn't easy by any means, but at least there are a variety of tools and algorithms that try to...
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Worlds Adrift works on getting new audio for characters getting injured (and burping)

The little things make a big difference sometimes. You don't necessarily need your character to mutter "ow" in reaction to falling a few hundred...

Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset added a new hour of music and 7,224 lines of dialogue

You might be finding yourself enchanted with Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset's pretty visuals, but what about the delight that your ears are sampling? ZeniMax gave...
Flying nowhere.

Check out voice recording from behind the scenes of Bless

You are probably aware that when you play an MMO, all of the voice samples you here are not produced in real-time by actors...

EVE Online is shuttering EVE Voice in March

More chunks of EVE Online are on the chopping block this week, as CCP announced today that it's sunsetting EVE Voice with the March...
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Terry Crews just didn’t fit as Doomfist according to Blizzard’s team

Fans had an image in their heads about what Overwatch's Doomfist would sound like. It included Terry Crews, and it probably included him hollering...
Remember, if we meet any primitive cultures on this planet, I'm the god. Unless they're one of those cultures that kills their gods, in which case Bradley is the god.

Video game voice actors to strike on October 21st

Voice acting, increasingly, is a big part of MMOs; while Star Wars: The Old Republic puts it forth as a core feature, games like...
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‘Twas Hollywood, not Bungie, that pulled Peter Dinklage from Destiny

Peter Dinklage's voice work in the Destiny alpha is one of those gaming memes that transcends knowledge of the game in question. We leave...

Guild Chat: The layout, usage, and manners of voice chat

Welcome along to Guild Chat, my own wee place in the 'webs in which we can discuss all things guilds and club together to...